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HVAC services in Frisco can save you from living in discomfort. If you think about how much you put your heater and AC to use, you might realize just how much you need a good HVAC company. During every season, you put your system to the test. To keep it working well, you should rely on us at Strittmatter. We can provide HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation.

The Maintenance You Need

Here at Strittmatter, we do it all when it comes to heating and cooling. But, out of all the services we offer, HVAC maintenance is one of the most rewarding. That’s because maintenance is what can save you a significant amount of money and prevent your system from failing. 

If you schedule routine HVAC maintenance, you can reap many benefits. For one, you improve your energy efficiency. You also lower your utility bills and reduce the risk of a malfunction. With twice a year maintenance, you can keep your HVAC in great shape. A technician can catch issues before they result in a major issue, and they can take preventative measures to keep your system working smoothly.

Why It Matters so Much

Here in Frisco, the weather can be extreme. In the summer, the hot temperatures leave your AC working overtime. Likewise, the winter cold snaps can make you depend on your heater. All year long, your system works hard. 

The excess wear and tear on your system is why you might need HVAC repair in Frisco. Before you need an HVAC replacement, you should give your system the care it warrants. 

HVAC Repairs in Frisco

Although you might try to be diligent about your maintenance, you could still find yourself on a sweltering Frisco summer day with no AC. If you have a problem with your air conditioner or heater, you can count on us to fix it. 

We work on many different types of heating and cooling systems. Whether you have a ductless mini split or a central air system, we can help. Our experienced technicians have been helping Frisco residents with their systems for years.

You never can tell when your air conditioner will fail you. And unfortunately for you, it’s possible that your heating and cooling system will fail when you need it the most. It could break down at 3 am on a sweltering night or on the night of your birth.

Other HVAC Services

We also offer other heating and cooling services. If your system is beyond repair, we can completely replace it. We’ll advise you on the best system for your home and will handle every step of the installation. If you’re not sure whether or not a replacement is necessary, you can count on us to help you decide.

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Indoor Air Quality

As a growing city, Frisco isn't necessarily known for its great air quality. But you don't need to suffer from poor air quality inside your home. We offer services that improve indoor air quality, including the following:

    1. UV light installation
    2. Humidifier or dehumidifier installation
    3. Filter replacements
    4. System cleaning

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Smart Home Integration

If you don't already have your HVAC system set up with smart home integration, we can help. Living in Frisco has never been as comfortable as it is with smart appliances. As part of our HVAC services in Frisco, we install smart thermostats. With the push of a button, you can control your thermostat from anywhere.

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Indoor Zone Control

Depending on your home and your needs, you might want zone control. You can work with us to improve air flow and attain the right temperature in every part of your home.

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Duct Cleaning

Over time, your air ducts get dirty. Dust, pet hair, and pollen collect in the ducts and become a health risk. If you want your system to be efficient and your air to be clean, you can depend on us for an air duct cleaning.

Get the Service You Deserve

Whether you need HVAC installation in Frisco, a repair, or any other HVAC-related service, we want to help. We love the local community and we get satisfaction from helping our neighbors. The next time you need HVAC services in Frisco, call us at Strittmatter. 

frequently asked questions:

If you have a sunroom that gets too cold in the winter, you have a few options. You probably don’t want to install a furnace for such a small space. Instead, you can use a space heater or an electric fireplace. With either option, you need to be careful. The heater could become a fire hazard if you don’t position it carefully. For the safest results, work with an HVAC technician. They can tell you more about your options and handle the installation of your new heater.

You can absolutely add heat to a sunroom. However, your options for heating vary according to your setup and your needs. If you have a very small sunroom, you might be able to use a small electric heater. But a larger space needs more powerful heating. Because there are so many options available, you should discuss the matter with a heating and cooling expert.  

Before you install a heater in your sunroom, you should consider the energy efficiency of the room. If you don’t have any insulation in the walls, the heat will dissipate. No matter how great your heater might be, it will need to work hard to cool your home. In order to make your room more energy efficient, you should hire someone to insulate the room. You can also speak with an HVAC technician about energy-efficient heaters. There are several options that work well in the Frisco climate. 

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