Can you imagine not having heat when the temperature plummets here in North Texas? It would be far from pleasant but we are here to help you prevent it. Your system needs annual heating maintenance to work well throughout the colder months.

We provide routine maintenance that keeps your heating system in top condition, no matter how much you use it. Heating maintenance also helps prevent catastrophic and costly breakdowns. Call us at (972) 362-4135 or to learn more about our heating maintenance.

Your heating system deserves attention long before it fails you. You should have someone inspect and maintain your heating system at least once a year. For the best results, you should hire a company to maintain your system twice each year. Ideally, a professional should maintain your system before and after the winter season. 

When a professional HVAC technician provides heating maintenance, they check for wear and tear. In addition to looking for problems, they also go through a checklist that keeps your heater working smoothly.

By understanding what happens during heating maintenance, you can see the value of it. During a maintenance call, your technician checks the heating system for signs of trouble. They also perform routine tasks, like changing out your filters and lubricating the motor.

Your heating system has more components than you might imagine. Part of the routine maintenance includes tightening the electrical connections, measuring the voltage, and cleaning the drain lines. They might find a few minor issues with the system, in which case your professional may recommend a quick repair. 

At Strittmatter, our plumbing maintenance is detailed and thorough. We go through an extensive checklist to make sure your heater works at optimal efficiency. You can count on us to provide reliable heating maintenance in Denton and surrounding areas.

It’s common for homeowners to wait for their heating system to fail before they decide to call in a professional. Unfortunately, this is a costly mistake. Your heater works hard to heat your home all fall and winter. If it doesn’t receive some TLC, your heater could fail when you need it the most. Imagine being stuck with no heat on a cold winter day and having to wait hours for a technician to come out to you.

When you’re proactive and have regular heating maintenance, your system is less likely to fail you. This keeps your heat running in the winter and comes with savings. By identifying early issues, your technician could save you from a much more costly repair. The cost of heating maintenance is minimal when you compare it with the cost of a major repair.

Heating maintenance also extends the life of your system. If you don’t take care of your heater, it could be a short time before you need to replace it. But, if you care for your system, it could last longer than you expect. Once again, your maintenance will save you money. 

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It’s time to start taking care of your heating system. Before it’s too late, Call us at (972) 362-4135 or at Strittmatter. You can learn more about our heating system maintenance services and schedule an appointment today. Call us now, and let’s get started!

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