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What to do When Your Kids Cause Toilet Problems

For parents, a trip to the bathroom may be the only alone-time they get all day (if they’re lucky). For little ones, the bathroom can present a magical place, full of interesting fixtures and stimulating sounds. It’s not uncommon for children to extract hours of entertainment from bathroom activities, but this can also wreak havoc on your toilet plumbing. Read on for tips and tricks on what to do when your kids cause toilet problems.Do you need help with your bathroom plumbing system in Flower Mound, TX? Call the team at Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing today at 940-246-2075 orvisit us online to book professional plumbing services. 

Kids and Common Toilet Plumbing Problems

Potty training is a rite of passage. As a big milestone on the way to “big kid” territory, it also means your little one will start spending more time in the bathroom. This makes exploring the shiny mysteries of the bathroom an enticing endeavor, but it can lead to big headaches for parents and caregivers.Common concerns surrounding young children in the bathroom include toys ending up where they don’t belong, along with water wastage and slip-and-fall injuries. Placing down bathroom mats with some amount of grip can help alleviate the latter concern. Keep reading for our top tips on how to deal with the other two. 

Toys in the Toilet Plumbing

Parents and caregivers know that when it comes to small children on the move, it doesn’t take long for chaos to ensue. You might turn your back for a moment to find that a toy car made its way down the toilet. Now, any Flower Mound plumber will tell you toilet drains are designed to deal with water, toilet paper and organic human waste — that’s all, folks! Foreign objects like toys, household items and hygiene products like tampons, floss and paper towels can all lead to major blockages and pipe damage down the road.What can you do to prevent toys from going down the drain? Aside from constant supervision, the next best option is to procure child-proof toilet seat latches. These handy bathroom accessories are inexpensive and easy to install. By keeping the toilet lid closed, unless a grownup unlatches it, you can prevent foreign objects from blocking the drain. If the damage is done and you’re dealing with a drainage issue, but suspect excessive amounts of toilet paper is causing the problem, you can try plunging the toilet. If you can see a toy or object bobbing within reach, try fishing it out. If the cause is unknown, you may not want to risk pushing the object further down the pipes by plunging or using a drain snake. Your best option is to call a professional plumber to assess the situation. In some cases, the toilet may need to be removed in order to gain access to major toilet plumbing components. It’s essential to contact a plumber for this, as improperly replacing the ring seal, bolts and other parts can lead to unnecessary damage, leaks and odors.

Frequent Flushing and Water Waste

Another common bathroom plumbing system concern with kids is that of water waste, especially when it comes to flushing the toilet. To a small child, a toilet can seem full of mystery. It can be a delight to flush a toilet over and over, watching the water spin and disappear. Of course, this is less magical when you’re the one paying the utility bills. To reduce wear on your toilet and help out your wallet — and the planet — try turning water off at the valve on the base of the toilet. This will ensure there is no water in the tank to replace the water in the bowl once the toilet flushes. Hopefully, your little one will soon get bored and move on.  Another option is to carefully remove the tank lid and disconnect the chain from the toilet’s flush handle. In some cases, you can reattach the chain by simply pulling up on the handle, otherwise, remove the lid again and reattach the chain. If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t despair. Hopefully, in time, you can teach your child the rules of the bathroom. As potty training progresses, the bathroom will soon lose its intrigue and become just another room. If you suspect a clogged sink, toilet or shower drain, or experience issues with any bathroom fixtures, give us a call right away. Unattended leaks and clogs can grow into much bigger problems, in some cases rendering a bathroom useless (until a plumber can sort things out). Parents know how much a setback like this can disrupt a chaotic day. Prevention is key. Addressing the problem as soon as you notice it can help prevent major breakdowns and repair costs in the long run.

Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance

While some plumbing issues are obvious, others may not present themselves until the damage is done. By investing in seasonal plumbing maintenance and inspections by a pro, you can get ahead of the troubles. Even seemingly small issues, like a slow moving drain, could point to a growing clog lurking out of sight. When clogs are left to grow bigger, what might have been a simple fix can turn into a burst pipe repair or a breached sewer line. An undetected leak can lead to mold and mildew growth in your home, compromising the health and safety of your family. Avoid these concerns with plumbing maintenance from a trusted professional.

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