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6 Signs Your Home May Have a Leaking Sewer Pipe

Leaking sewer pipes are smelly situations that should be immediately dealt with. Sewer lines are not always properly maintained which often leads to leaks and blockages. To prevent leaks, it is best to have an annual cleaning and inspection by your local plumbing company. They will have the right tools to clear up any blockages and repair any issue that might become a disaster if left alone. 

Are you noticing sewage backup in your toilets? It’s time to call Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing to find the leaking sewer pipe. Call the best in Highland Village, TX right now by phone 940-246-2075 orfind us online 

Continue reading for six signs that may indicate a leaking sewer pipe.

1. Sewage Backup

Sewage backup is typically the first sign of a leaking sewer pipe. The toilet or shower may backup with sewage after you flush. The reason why sewage comes back up the drains is because the leak does not allow for proper flushing. This issue will require sewer line repair by a professional.

It is important to note whether it happens to every toilet or just one. If the blockage only occurs in one toilet then it may be a localized clog. One clogged toilet is easier to deal with than a blocked sewer line. However, backups in all toilets indicates a bigger problem at home. To avoid any further issues in your plumbing system, contact a plumbing expert. 

2. Stinky Smells

Have you started to notice something stinky coming from your backyard? If you know the issue isn’t an overflowing trash can, then the source of the smell may be a leaking sewer pipe. When there is a crack in the pipe, sewage tends to pour out into the backyard and other places. This is a huge problem because you should never be able to smell sewage from your pumping system. If the smell is coming inside the house, the leaking pipe might be hiding under the floors. 

It is best to solve this issue quickly to avoid any mold or bacteria growth. The mold growth, behind the wall or under the floor, is a dangerous health risk and compromises indoor air quality. Contact a Highland Village plumbing technician to find the leaking pipe right away. 

3. Muddy Yard

A muddy yard when it has not rained is an unfortunate sign that the main sewage pipes have a major leak. Large sewage leaks in this area can cause smelly, brown puddles in only a matter of hours. This can become dangerous if left for too long. There have even been cases of sinkholes forming in limestone heavy areas due to leaking sewage systems.

As soon as you notice a muddy yard, along with other signs of a sewage leak, it is time to call a plumber. They will be able to replace the pipes quickly and safely with the right tools and materials. It’s not safe to try and fix this on your own – let the professionals handle this issue. 

4. Moldy Smell

Sewage isn’t the only unpleasant smell caused by a sewer leak, mold is another. Most homeowners can easily identify the smell of mold as it is common in bathrooms and kitchens. Mold is not something you should wait to take care of as it can quickly become a health issue. 

If mold starts to grow, the spores will be passed into the air and affect the health of you and your family. These spores are dangerous and can cause health symptoms over time. In a matter of days mold will spread like wildfire so be sure to contact a plumber in Village, TX forindoor air quality services and plumbing repair. 

5. Overgrown and Lush Lawn

A lawn that looks lush and green is on every homeowners bucket list. However, when you start noticing patches of overgrowth and wet spots it is important to act right away. A large overgrowth of lawn and plants could be caused by a leaking sewer pipe. The nutrients from the sewage will fertilize the ground above the pipe, which will feed the lawn and lead to overgrowth. This problem needs to be sorted out quickly, to avoid a muddy mess of a yard. 

Make sure to act quickly when you notice this kind of bright green overgrowth with wet spots to save money on any extensive landscaping repairs. Contact your local plumbing leak repair company straight away to prevent any more damages. 

6. High Water Bill

Water bills are vital records to check the efficiency of a unit or pipes. In this case, a high water bill is the perfect indicator that there is a leak in the pipes. Sometimes a water bill will provide more information about your sewer line than some of the most noticeable signs. It is important to note any other signs you notice alongside a high water bill. This will help the technician locate the leak, fast. 

The water bill should remain almost constant throughout the length of time in your home. So if there is an unexpected jump you should look into it right away. Don’t wait to call for help because a sewer leak may develop mold and fungus which can impair the health of your family. 

Highland Village Plumbing 

Plumbing leak repair in Highland Village, TX is important for every homeowner in the area. Leaks will happen eventually and some may not be avoidable. However, one step you can take against sewage leaks is to make sure to have your plumbing system regularly inspected and cleaned. 

If you are experiencing any smells or signs of a sewer line leak, call a Highland Village plumbing professional like Strittmatter. Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing will handle the job quickly and professionally to get your sewage pipes back to normal. Don’t wait for a problem to worsen, instead call the experts to help. 

In need of sewer line repair? Call Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing today for expert help satisfaction guaranteed. Call us at our phone number 940-246-2075 or find us online.  

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