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    Common Water Heater Problems

    When was the last time you thought about your water heater? Our guess is you don’t think about it unless something is wrong! And that’s not a bad thing. A properly working water heater shouldn’t be something you need to worry about. But problems still happen and there are some signs you should be aware of. These are some of the most common problems you might run into with a tank style water heater.  

    No hot water

    This is the most common water heater complaint. No hot water can be a huge inconvenience for you and your family. The cause could be a number of different things depending on what type of unit you have. Your best bet is to call the SuperTechs at Strittmatters to safely identify the cause of the problem and the best solution.

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    4 Ways To Prep Your Home For Summer

    The summer heat will be here before you know it! That means summer days at the pool, backyard barbeques, and the kids getting out of school for summer break. But how can you make sure your home is ready to handle the soaring temperatures that come with North Texas summers? The Strittmatter team has rounded up our top tips on how to prep your house for summer 2017.

    Make sure your air conditioner is ready

    The U.S. Climate Data reports that the average high summer temperatures in North Texas range between 91 and 96 degrees. But anyone that’s spent some time in Denton knows it gets way warmer than that some days! On those scorching summer days, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to malfunction.

    Scheduling an air conditioning tune up can help ensure that your unit is working properly and efficiently all summer long. Our Strittmatter SuperTechs can catch small issues with your air conditioner before it becomes a big problem. We’ll work to find a convenient time for you to schedule your appointment and give you peace of mind that lasts all season long.

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    When to Call Strittmatter Roofing

    North Texas storms can be a beating on your roof. Literally! Hail and high winds can cause damage to your home that you need a professional to repair. But how do you know when it’s time to call the experts? These signs will help you know when it’s time to pick up the phone and call the Strittmatter Super Techs.

    Severe weather has recently rolled through

    Is it spring in North Texas? Then we’ve probably had some hail and strong winds lately. Severe weather can cause damage to some or all of your roof. If you’ve recently been through some rough weather, the Strittmatter Super Techs can give you a free inspection to see what shape your roof is in. Once we know what we are working with, our expert technicians can make the best recommendation to fit your home and budget.

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    Air Conditioning Tune Up Excuses

    It seems like spring just got here! And in North Texas that means that the scorching temperatures are not too far behind. Now is the perfect time to make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to handle another hot summer. We know some people might be hesitant to schedule a tune up, especially if you’ve never had one before! So our Strittmatters team rounded up the most common excuses we hear and why to change your thinking.


    Excuse #1: “I didn’t think about it...”

    That’s why we are here! Some people don’t think about preventative maintenance, especially if there doesn’t seem to be a problem with your equipment. At Strittmatters, we want to stress the importance of getting a yearly tune up on your unit. To see all the benefits of a tune up, check out our blog on it here.

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    Green Spring Cleaning Tips

    Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer and the temperatures are gradually starting to rise. It’s the perfect time to take a look around your home and start on some spring cleaning. At Strittmatters, we’re committed to going green whenever we can. Here are some tips to help get your house clean without using excess chemicals or energy.

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