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6 Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

A faulty furnace can become an emergent problem if not dealt with quickly. This can become costly to fix but also increase your bills at the end of the month. Anything that does not seem normal must be looked at to ensure that everything is in working order. If you hear noises, notice a gas leak or a lack of heating from your furnace be sure to contact an emergency technician. These technicians can quickly figure out the problem and address your repair needs.

Have a furnace problem on your hands and not sure what to do? Contact Strittmatter Air Condition, Heating and Plumbing to learn more about the services we offer or call us for emergency HVAC services at 940-246-2075

Keep reading to find out the 6 warning signs that you may need a furnace repair.

Strange Noises

Hearing strange noises coming from your furnace throughout the day? A furnace should operate smoothly without any strange noises. If you hear any rattling, squeaking or loud banging, there is something wrong. A noise can be an indication of a damaged or loose part. It probably won’t seem like a big deal at first.

However, as with any unit, the longer something is broken the bigger the damage will be in the long run. If you noticed your car making strange noises, you would take it to the nearest car specialist. Hearing noises in your furnace should encourage the same thought process. Consider contacting your local HVAC maintenance services to help find out what the problem is.

Gas Leaks

Smelling rotten eggs is an important warning sign to never ignore. Gas companies use the smell of rotten eggs to make sure homeowners can detect gas leaks. When there is a gas leak in your pipes it can lead to the leaking of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless but very fatal if not noticed early.

If you smell or notice a gas leak, turn off the gas line, evacuate your home and get away from your property as soon as possible. Contact the gas company to report a possible gas leak. Call local emergency HVAC services to come out to complete an emergency repair. Most HVAC companies have an emergency furnace repair team in the case of emergencies.

Short Cycling

When a furnace turns on and off this is called short cycling. This can be troublesome when a furnace turns off while trying to reach the set temperature on the thermostat. The furnace is supposed to be on until the temperature has been maintained and then it can be cut off to save electricity.

The more a furnace cycles on and off, the higher the wear and tear will be at the end of the year. More wear and tear can contribute to increased needs for repairs and higher utility bills. Get your furnace repaired if you notice your furnace turning off during a normal heating cycle. Contact your local heating maintenance service team.

Higher Utility Bills

Have you noticed that your heating utility bills have increased out of nowhere? There is a chance that your furnace is in need of repair. A furnace that is not working efficiently is going to require more electricity or gas than a normal heating unit. Every time you change the thermostat to a higher temperature, a malfunctioning furnace will work even harder to keep the temperature constant.

After a month, this can be costly for a furnace that just needs to be maintenanced. An annual furnace maintenance appointment can be beneficial to your home and your wallet. However, if your utility bills continue to climb or have jumped an extreme amount then you may have a bigger problem at hand. Contact your local HVAC maintenance service companies right away.

Electrical Malfunction

An electrical malfunction in your home can either be a simple repair or an emergency. When the system kicks on for your furnace there should not be any blinking lights, buzzing or whizzing. A breaker trip can also be a big problem that is linked to these electrical issues.

A faulty thermostat can also mean that there is an electrical malfunction somewhere in the unit. It might just need a simple calibration to reboot these sensitive switches. Even a seemingly small electrical problem can be a big risk that should not be avoided. It can be dangerous to leave these malfunctions brewing. Call an emergency technician as soon as possible to repair your furnace.

Inefficient Heating

During the colder months of the year, heating your home should be the biggest concern. Noticing that your home is not warming up after you changed the thermostat should be a concern. It is one of the most common warning signs that you need a repair.

If you feel that your furnace is blowing cold air through the air vents there is probably an emergency issue at hand. The issue could be a variety of things which is why it is so important to call a professional. If you have a furnace or a heating pump that has inefficient heating, call an HVAC company for an emergency repair.

Hvac Maintenance Services in Highland Village

A furnace malfunction can be dangerous if you do not notice it right away or leave it for too long. Maintenance repairs can help to decrease the wear and tear of your furnace. This will help to eliminate these potential emergencies in your home.

In Highland Village, TX you have many choices for which company to choose. One of the best emergency HVAC services in your city is Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing. Trust us with your emergency furnace needs to keep warm during the winter. With trained technicians and affordable pricing there is no one better. Leave your furnace malfunctions at the back door with Strittmatter.

If you need an emergency HVAC service or need to schedule a heating service, contact Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing right away. Call us at 940-246-2075 or contact us online

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