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5 Warning Signs That You Have A Clogged Drain

Clogged drains result from a foreign object or debris lodged in a drain pipe. Residue buildup from grease or soap chokes the flow of water in pipes. Since the water has to go somewhere, it will typically fill up the pipe and escape through the drain opening, leading to a fully clogged drain.However, identifying the source of the problem can be difficult if you do not have the equipment or experience necessary to clean a clogged drain properly. Fortunately, you can hire a plumbing company in Texas to find and flush the blockage to get the water flowing again. Below we look at five warning signs you have a clogged drain and what to do about it.

1. Slow Water Drain

The most common sign of a clogged drain is slow-draining water. Whether you flush the toilet, shower, or brush your teeth, you may notice that the water drains slowly.The blockage may be isolated if you notice slow-moving water in one drain. However, if it reoccurs in multiple drains or fixtures, the blockage could be in the main sewer line. To identify the extent of the problem, turn on multiple faucets simultaneously to see which drains are clear and which have a blockage. You must schedule a professional drain cleaning if more than one is draining slowly.A drain cleaning service in Texas utilizes advanced plumbing video inspection equipment to locate and identify the blockage in the pipes. A video camera allows plumbers to find the problem with pinpoint accuracy, saving you time and money. A technician can remove 100% of the blockage using a hydro jetter. The method is safe and highly effective.

2. Sewage Smell

Sewage smells typically occur in drain areas or the yard and indicates a backed-up or damaged sewer line. However, a smell can also signify other problems, such as

Lack of Proper P-Traps or Vent Pipes

Every fixture should have a P-trap that holds water in a U-shape that creates a seal. A vent system that equalizes air pressure and allows sewer gasses to escape outside. When the trap or vent is blocked, the smell can escape through the drain.

Dry Trap

It is a very common issue with sewer odors inside the house. It typically occurs in rarely used drains, such as the basement drain or guest bathroom shower.

Broken Toilet Seal

Check for air leaks in the wax ring around your toilet by wobbling the toilet bowl to ensure it’s tightly sealed to the floor.

Clogged Vents

Have a professional plumber inspect the vent pipes inside your house to ensure the vent stack isn’t clogged.

Broken Sewer Pipe

Old cast iron pipes may crack after several years of use. Do not attempt to fix a broken sewer pipe on your own. Instead, call a professional plumber or sewer specialist to come out and inspect the lines.

3. Gurgling Noises

Gurgling pipes are a sign of either a clogged drain line or a clogged vent pipe. Obstacles can block water or air from flowing freely through your pipes. It results in trapped air or gas bubbles, the gurgling sound you may hear.Depending on the location of the gurgling sound, the issue could be in one or several places, including

  • Main sewer line
  • Drain opening
  • P-trap
  • Plumbing vent
  • Toilet
  • Appliance hoses

The P-Trap is a curved pipe under your sink that prevents any odors from the main sewer line from coming up and out of your drains. It does this by holding a small amount of water which seals off the drain from sewer gas.If turning on the kitchen sink causes a gurgling sound in your bathroom, the problem could be with your main sewer line. Obstacles, such as tree roots, toiletries, and broken pipes, can cause issues that require a plumbing inspection. If there is a problem with your sewer line, call professionals that will inspect your sewer line and make any repairs as needed.

4. Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet happens because of a clogged or blocked drain that doesn’t allow for a proper flush, an improperly adjusted float that allows the tank to overfill, or a blocked vent pipe that replaces the air in the pipe after each flush.

A Clogged or Blocked Drain

Spotting a blocked drain is a fairly easy task. Water will overflow from the toilet bowl rather than the tank, causing a huge mess. To stop the overflow, you must treat the clog. A plunger and some elbow grease usually do the trick for simple clogs.

Blocked Vent Pipe

If you notice your toilet clogging more frequently, a blocked vent pipe could be to blame. A vent pipe moves external air into the plumbing system to replace the air pumped with each flush. When this is blocked, your toilet won’t flush properly, leading to an overflow. It usually requires the skills and expertise of an experienced plumber.

High Filler Float

The first two causes of an overflowing toilet will cause water to spill. In this case, a high filler float causes the spill to come from the toilet tank. If the filler float is set too high, the tank will fill with too much water, causing leakage from the sides. You can fix this by adjusting the tank’s mechanism to control the float level.

5. Standing Water

If your shower drains slowly, and you often find that water stands in the shower for many minutes after you’ve turned off the faucet, it is a sign that your shower is clogged. An unpleasant odor from the plumbing is a sign of a blocked drain. A serious drain blockage may result in bathroom flooding or leaks developing as standing water seeps through shower joints. Voids in the shower grout or caulking may also allow standing shower water to creep into the walls, causing serious damage.Smaller shower drain blockages happen because of soap scum, dirt, and hair buildup. Long hair, in particular, can easily clog drains, and soap worsens the problem by causing hair to stick to the drain walls more easily than it otherwise would.

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