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EASE Maintenance+
Free-Part Tune Up

It’s a fact that your heating and cooling system will last longer with regular seasonal maintenance. Much like an automobile, there are many individual components that work in unison within your HVAC system to heat and cool your home. Equipment parts weaken over time but regular maintenance allows our technicians to provide a thorough check of your system where they can often replace minor parts that aren’t functioning properly within the same appointment.

Simply put – routine maintenance can prevent catastrophic, costly breakdowns of your heating and cooling system and you can save a few bucks on your utility bill too.

EASE Maintenance+ Free-Part Tune Up

With our EASE Maintenance+ Free Part Tune Up, you’ll receive one heating and one cooling maintenance visit per year, along with a plumbing system check. PLUS, we’ll throw in one free part* replacement during each visit if something isn’t working properly. That’s 3 maintenance visits per year and 3 free parts if they are found to be damaged or broken while we’re there!

Important Details:

There are numerous additional perks to becoming a EASE Maintenance+ member! Click here to learn more or ask your technician for more information.

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