Professional Plumbing Repair Service in Texas

Loose pipes and damaged fixtures can make using water in your home a hassle. A flawed plumbing system can also lead to water leaks, which cause structural damage to your walls and flooring. So, if you need a plumber to fix your plumbing system, contact Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC. We offer professional plumbing repair services in Texas.

Our fully trained and licensed plumbers can inspect your plumbing system, identify the issue, and provide a long-term solution that saves you time and money. We pride ourselves in fast service, superior work, and fair plumbing rates that stay within your budget. Contact us today when you have a problem with your plumbing, and we’ll perform an in-home assessment. 

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Plumbing Repair Services We Offer in Texas

Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC offers a range of plumbing services designed to fully restore your plumbing system so that you depend on consistent performance. Some of our most popular plumbing repair services include

Water Leak Repair

A water leak can quickly spread through your house and damage your walls, flooring, or basement. If you have an emergency, turn off the water valve or supply line and then contact us. We can minimize the damage by finding the problem and fixing it quickly. We offer super fast water leak repair regardless of the leak.

Sewer Line Repair

Our plumbers use specialized technology known as trenchless sewer line repair to repair or replace the sewer line in your yard. Trenchless sewer line repair allows us to fix the problem without digging up your yard. You get the benefits of traditional repair without incurring landscape costs.

Slab Leak Repair

Even something as thick and solid as a concrete slab is vulnerable to water leaks. Small cracks or holes in the slab allow water to trickle through and get in your house. Our slab leak repair service includes finding and fixing the source of leak as well as repairing the concrete slab. We can put an end to concrete leaks.

Drain Line Repair

Drain lines usually burst or loosen as a result of high water or air pressure in the pipes. Whether you have problems with your main drain or something as small as a sink drain, we can repair or replace the drain line to prevent water leaks or other problems. Contact us utoday for an estimate for drain line repair.

Save Time and Money with Our Ease Comfort Plumbing Maintenance Plan

When it’s time to replace your water heater, there is the old way, and then there’s the easy way.

The old way means paying thousands of dollars to replace your water heater. The easy way is the EASE Comfort®️ way, exclusively from Strittmatter. This revolutionary program lets you upgrade to a new energy-efficient water heater for as low as $42 per month. Plus, you enjoy the peace of mind of a LIFETIME warranty – with all parts, services, and maintenance covered for the life of your water heater.

That’s not all! EASE Comfort® also offers a whole home water filtration system for one low monthly payment to keep your family safe and healthy. A whole home filtration and conditioning system is designed to filter and condition all the water in your home for a healthier water environment that protects your home’s pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

With EASE Comfort®️, you’ll say hello to a new energy-efficient water heater or water filtration system for one low monthly payment — while saying goodbye to expensive repairs, labor fees, installation charges, annual maintenance costs, parts & overtime fees, worries, hassles, and headaches.

Schedule Plumbing Repair in Texas

You don’t have to put up with plumbing problems in your home. Whether you have a leak or clogged pipes, contact Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC. We offer professional plumbing repair services in Texas. Contact us today for an in-home assessment and plumbing estimate. To schedule plumbing services in Texas, fill out our contact form or call us.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing Repair in Texas

There are several signs that you need to call a plumbing company in Texas about your plumbing system, including:

  • Bad odors in the house
  • Discolored water
  • Slow drains
  • Worn-out or damaged pipes
  • Low water pressure
  • Pooling water in the yard
  • The water meter is running when you’re not using water
  • Water leaks

If you have any problem with your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to contact a local plumber in Texas.

A plumbing emergency typically involves a water leak in which water damages your walls, floors, or other items. For instance, if a pipe underneath the sink leaks into your kitchen cabinet, the water could go beneath the cabinet and into the subfloor or basement. If you don’t stop the leak right away, the water could do extensive damage.  

The first thing you should do if there is a water leak is cut off the source of the water. Turn off the nearest water valve or shut the main water line outside. Afterward, soak up the water to minimize the damage. Finally, contact a plumber in Texas to find and fix the problem to prevent further water damage.

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