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You use your plumbing system more than you think. For that reason, your plumbing needs regular maintenance. Just imagine life without a toilet, shower, or sink. If you want your plumbing system to continue to work on a daily basis, you need regular plumbing maintenance in Denton & Collin County.

Our plumbing maintenance protects your home's water and sewer system and saves you money by catching small issues before they become catastrophic problems. Call us at (972) 362-4135 or to learn more about our plumbing maintenance services.

As a general rule, it’s important to plan for plumbing maintenance at least once a year. When a plumber comes to your home, they will thoroughly inspect your plumbing system to ensure proper functionality and overall safety. This keeps every aspect of your system working well and can prevent serious issues with your plumbing.

Without regular maintenance, your system can develop issues such as leaks, slow drains, and irregular water pressure. Annual maintenance is a great way to save money and prevent costly breakdowns.

During annual maintenance, a plumber will inspect the main components of your plumbing system and will provide recommendations for any necessary repairs or improvements. A thorough inspection will include checks of the following: faucets, garbage disposal, toilets, sink traps, tub and shower valves, shut-off valves, supply lines, sink/tub/shower drainages, and gas & water lines.

Even your water heater is on their checklist. Although homeowners often forget about it, a plumber will inspect this essential appliance. They make sure everything works the way it should and offer recommendations for any necessary repairs.

If you want to learn more about our plumbing maintenance, Call us at (972) 362-4135 or . Take advantage of our Family Savings Club and save even more money.
There are a few reasons homeowners need annual plumbing maintenance. First, it’s a fact that maintenance prevents disasters. There could be underlying issues that could seriously damage your home. You might have a clogged pipe that could become a burst pipe or a gas leak that could result in medical complications. It’s best to identify these issues before you have a flood of water in your home or experience other serious consequences.

There’s also the matter of money. Sure, annual maintenance costs you money up front, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much as a major repair. By taking care of issues early on, you will be able to prevent expensive repairs. If anything, you may just need a minor fix that could prevent thousands of dollars of damage.

Finally, you have your own comfort to consider. If you develop a major clog or have a leak in your pipes, you may be unable to bathe, wash dishes, use the toilet, or wash clothes. Such challenges can be extremely disruptive to your household.

If you want to learn more about our plumbing maintenance, Call us at (972) 362-4135 or . Take advantage of our Family Savings Club and save even more money.

During routine heating and cooling system maintenance, a Strittmatter technician will complete the following:

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Here at Strittmatter, we’re ready to get your plumbing in prime condition to save you time and money. Call us at (972) 362-4135 or for regular plumbing maintenance. 

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