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Some of Our Drain Services Include:

Clogged Drain or Sewer Backup in Denton, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Frisco, McKinney, and Prosper

Stubborn clogs can be extremely inconvenient and stressful, and sewer backups can cause panic, rightfully so. Our licensed plumbers are experienced in unclogging drains and handling backed up sewer lines. We ensure customer safety above all things and will restore your plumbing to working order in a timely manner to keep your household functioning.

Professional Drain Cleaning / Clearing Services

We handle all plumbing problems related to kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as shower drains. Debris such as food, hair, oil, mineral buildup, and other substances build up in your pipes over time, resulting in slow drainage. Some drains eventually become completely clogged and require a professional plumber. Our plumbers use the latest technology to clear your drains and offer a variety of options to fit your budget. We provide drain services in Denton to clear any clog using a range of methods from plungers and drain snakes to sewer machine and hydro jetter service.

When More than One Drain is Clogged

It is common for homeowners to wonder if they really need to call a professional when dealing with drain clogs. Often, people decide to wait to see if the problem resolves itself or attempt to use drain cleaners and plungers to clear the clog. If the problem is impacting more than one drain, there may be a clog in the sewer line, rather than the drain.

Signs it is time to call a plumber include:

Our experienced plumbers are available from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., 7 days a week to handle your drain or sewer clog. We will never charge you overtime!

For help with any drain or sewer problem, call (972) 362-4135 to schedule an appointment.

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