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Troubleshooting and Repairing a Toilet Water Supply Line Leak

A toilet supply line leak can be incredibly frustrating. The toilet is a frequently used piece of equipment that can have detrimental effects when it breaks down. There are several places where a leak can occur, even with a small area to cover. It is very important to stay vigilant with finding the leak and repairing it quickly. A supply line leak is a pretty easy fix that any homeowner can complete without the need of a plumber. However, if there is a broader issue with your toilet plumbing system, then a plumber will be the expert in these circumstances.If you are in need of expert plumbing assistance with a toilet water supply line leak, call the best in the business. Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing is a trusted resource for anyone living in the Highland Village, TX area. Call us at 940-246-2075 or schedule a service appointment onlineContinue scrolling if you need help troubleshooting and repairing your toilet supply line. 

Find the Leak

Finding the leak is the first step for troubleshooting a leak in your toilet. The mechanics of the toilet are as follows:

  • Cold water flows from the toilet supply line located under the toilet slab or behind the wall. 
  • The cold water then fills the toilet tank. 
  • After an easy flush, the toilet tank fills the toilet bowl.
  • Due to the pressurized water, the fill valve makes sure that the water is not constantly being pumped into the toilet tank. 

Fortunately, finding the leak is easy because it will happen somewhere in the toilet mechanics. Make sure to use your senses to hear, see or feel for a water leak in any of those places. The most common of those are usually the toilet line, the fill valve, or the shut off valve. If you suspect leak anywhere in the toilet plumbing system, it is best to call an expert to help fix this issue right away. 

Do You Have Copper or Iron Plumbing?

Copper plumbing is evident in older homes built before the twenty-first century. Copper was used to join the shut-off valves with a blowtorch. This is harder to deal with because if the copper joint is broken or beyond repair, it may damage other components of the toilet line. For most, it is better to cut the copper connection joint and replace it with a compression or metal connection. However, if you want to still have a copper connection, you need to contact a plumber because they have the tools needed to do this. In the case of iron pipes, there is a high chance of breakage and irreparable damage in the plumbing system. Also, due to the dated plumbing system, it is easier for the pipes to corrode and damage from mineral accumulation. If your plumbing system consists of iron, call a technician right away. 

Turn off the Water Supply

Turning the water supply off the toilet supply line is important before starting any troubleshooting or repairs. If you do not shut off the water, there is a higher chance of water flowing out and damaging the inside of your home. To turn it off, first find the shut-off valve. This valve is in the shape of a football and located near the bottom of the toilet closest to the wall. Turn the valve clockwise until it will not be able to turn anymore. After shutting this valve, make sure to flush the toilet to drain any water that could be left in the supply line. 

Check for Loose Toilet Supply Line Valve Fittings

Ruling out easy fixes is a good general rule of thumb for most homeowners. Checking for loose toilet supply line valve fitting is simple and inexpensive because they may just need a quick tightening. For most leaking toilet issues, loose fittings are generally the cause. Also, it is important to replace fittings that are made out of plastic. The plastic fittings are easy to break when tightening. Also, plastic fittings do not do a great job at keeping the line from leaking. It is better to get a metal fitting or a plastic compression fitting. 

Check for Worn Threads and Washers

Wear and tear is usual for washers and threads because they work hard to seal the valves. To check the threads and washers for wear and tear, make sure to turn off the shut off valve first and then remove the hose. Look at the washers and see if they are worn or cracked. If either are the case, it is time to replace the washers. With the threads, it is important to check if they are stripped. This is an easy fix by reapplying plumbers tape. The plumbers tape will help to ensure that the leak will not escape through the valves and hose. If there is still a leak, it is time to call in an expert plumber for professional bathroom plumbing service.

Replace the Supply Line

Replacing the toilet water supply line should be fairly reasonably priced. You can do this by yourself, or if you feel uncomfortable handling this, call an expert plumber to help along the way.To replace the supply water line for the toilet you will need to loosen the fittings for each end. Remove the old hose and toss it in the trash. Place the new hose in and tighten the fittings on each end. If you did everything correctly, the toilet should work fine and no leaks should appear at the fittings or on the replacement line. However, if this did not fix the leaking issue, a leak repair appointment may need to be scheduled. 

Emergency Hvac Services

Plumbing leak repair is important for all Highland Village, TX residents. Emergency HVAC services are important in the event of a pipe burst or all other emergencies. Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing is the best for any emergencies in all areas of service. We are highly licensed and only hire the best technicians to help you in any areas of need. We specialize in bathroom plumbing services, drain services and leak repair among other important services. Trust us in the case of emergency or regular maintenance. Ready to give the best customer service oriented company a call for emergency HVAC services? Contact Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing by phone number 940-246-2075 or find us online

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