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The Best Time of Year to Replace Your HVAC System

Replacing an HVAC system is always an inconvenience. You get stuck without heating or cooling for a day or two, it’s expensive and it takes up quite a bit of time. To make this easier, you may plan strategically to get your HVAC system replaced during certain times of the year. You’ll save money and be able to plan downtime in advance.

The worst time to get your HVAC replaced is as a result of an unexpected system failure. If you plan ahead to replace your system before it has failed, you will be better prepared both financially and mentally. Continue reading for signs that you should replace your system and when you should replace it.

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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Hvac System

It can be easy to put possible HVAC installations on the back burner. However, knowing when your system may be coming to its end will help you better prepare. 

Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your HVAC system:

  • The system is 15 years or older: when furnaces and air conditioners reach this age, they begin to slow down. After so many years of wear, the system will become less efficient and require more repairs. This is the perfect time to consider replacing your HVAC unit.
  • Repairs are piling up: if you have been having to schedule more and more repairs, then it is probably time to replace your system. HVAC systems will break down more and more as they get older. Instead of continuously spending money on repairs, save it up for a replacement. 
  • Efficiency has significantly reduced: if you notice that your system is no longer producing icy cool air or comforting hot air, then it is probably time for a change. When HVAC systems get on the older side, they tend to lose efficiency and therefore become less useful.
  • The system requires R-22 refrigerant: in 2010, the ENvironmental Protection Agency banned the use of R-22 refrigerant unless it was needed for the continuous maintenance of already existing equipment. If your HVAC system requires the use of R-22 then you may want to consider replacing it. Not only will it be better for you and the environment, but it will also be cheaper as R-22 is expensive to use now that it has been banned.
  • Other reasons: sometimes homeowners just want to make a change with their HVAC systems. Maybe you found a system that will integrate with your existing smart home features or maybe you are looking for something that will take up less space. No matter why you choose to replace your system, be sure to pick an HVAC company you trust.

If any of these signs sound like they may be relevant to you, then it may time to talk to your technician to find out if you should replace your HVAC system. 

When You Should Replace Your Hvac System

All homeowners know that replacing an HVAC system is expensive and time-consuming. Scheduling a system replacement before your current system actually breaks down is a great way to prepare yourself for the financial and mental burden. In scheduling your replacement, you can choose what time of year you would like to do it.

The best times to replace an HVAC system are in the spring and the fall.

Take a look at why these are the best times to do so:

  • Most moderate temperatures of the year: when you get your HVAC system replaced, you may have to deal with no hot or cool air for a few days. This would be excruciating in the summer or in the winter, when temperatures are most severe, but in the fall and spring, it is more bearable. This way, you can stay comfortable while you are waiting for your brand new system to be installed.
  • HVAC companies are not as busy: the busiest times of the year for HVAC companies are summer and winter. This is because people use their systems more often during these times which results in more repairs, maintenance calls and replacements. Scheduling your replacement in the spring or fall means that your system will be more likely to be quickly replaced.
  • Lower cost (sometimes): because companies are less busy, they may be more likely to reduce service prices and fees. While you may not save a ton, it could be a better price then what you would have to pay for a winter or summer replacement.
  • Manufacturer sales or promotions: similar to why there are lower service prices, sometimes manufacturers will hold sales or promotions in the spring and fall to encourage homeowners to purchase their systems. When you schedule your replacement, be sure to ask your HVAC company if they know of any current or upcoming promotions that manufacturers may be holding.

Scheduling your HVAC system replacement in the fall and spring is a great way to save money and stay comfortable. Replacements are already a hassle, make them a bit easier by following these recommendations. These are also great times to schedule regular maintenance for the same reasons.

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From HVAC system replacements to burst pipe repairs, we have got your back. At Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC our first priority is customer satisfaction. We will always do our very best to make sure that you receive the best service possible from our team.

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