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Strittmatter Scholar

Strittmatter launched the latest community give back program, Strittmatter Scholar in May of 2020. We invited family members of 2020 high school graduates to share all about their students through our Facebook page in order to enter them to win a $1000 scholarship. Family members shared with us why their graduate was deserving and how they would be able to utilize a $1000 scholarship. We had some wonderful entries and some awesome high school seniors that we were able to publicly celebrate since their senior year ended much differently than it began due to the current pandemic.

The first annual, 2020 Strittmatter Scholar was Kayla Duenes, a graduate from Lewisville Highschool. Below is what her mom, Ivon submitted on her behalf:

strittmatter scholar picture

“This is my senior Kayla Duenes. She graduated from Lewisville High School on May 24th, 2020. Kayla is a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. She works very hard towards her goals. No matter how hard of a day she has had, you will always see her smiling at the end of the day. Kayla is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and does not give up easily. She has a learning disability and has had to work extra hard to get through her studies and dance without having to take medication after it did not agree with her body. In 11th grade Kayla decided to join the Cosmetology program at school. Cosmetology took up half of her school day. Kayla had to take night classes in order not to fall behind in any of her classes and have all the courses necessary to graduate. She never gave up towards reaching her goal. Kayla was also a part of the Lewisville Farmerettes. She loves dancing and being a part of a team. She was named Spirit Ette of the week for motivating her teammates and having a positive attitude throughout the tough week. Kayla is not afraid to motivate others and to remind them that through tough work you can reach your goal. She also reminds people that through prayer you can get through tough times. She gets through her tough days so that’s why she is always smiling. Her smile and spirit is contagious. Kayla would benefit from this scholarship to help pay for her school. She put off getting a driver’s permit so that she could continue taking her night classes and still be able to dance her heart out. We wanted for Kayla to enjoy her senior year as much as she could and be a part of all the activities as possible. Once Kayla turns 18 she will be able to get her driver’s license and save up to get a vehicle. Kayla was planning on getting a part-time job in the Spring but that plan came to a halt once the stay at home order was put in place. She will need a vehicle to get to college. This scholarship will help her get closer towards her goal of getting a degree in Business Administration and one day open up her own hair salon”.

We are so proud of Kayla and all of the 2020 graduates and look forward to checking in with Kayla over the next few years for updates. Congrats 2020 seniors!

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