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7 Signs Your Home’s Water Pressure Is Too High

Hearing strange noises in your appliances or in the walls? If the answer was yes, you may be dealing with a high water pressure issue. Higher water pressure can turn an annoying banging noise into a costly repair if not fixed properly. Consider calling a professional in the plumbing industry to help calibrate your water pressure. 

If your water pressure is too high, call Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing. Strittmatter is the best in the business for any plumbing need and will be able to work quickly to make sure that any leaky faucets or noisy appliances are a thing of the past. 

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Keep reading to find out these seven signs that the water pressure in your home is too high. 

1. Higher Utility Bills 

Have you noticed that your water bill is increasing every month? This is a sign that your water pressure may be too high. When the water pressure is higher in your home you will be using too much water. 

This is why every time you turn on a faucet it will use more water than needed because the pressure pushes out too much water. Even though you might not realize it, the extra water will show up on your next bill. If you think you might have high water pressure, contact a Highland Village plumbing and air company to help lower your next utility bill. 

2. Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are annoying to hear and deal with. However, a leaky faucet should not be something that you should hear. A leaky faucet can be easy to notice if your water pressure is too high. If the water is pushing through your pipes at a higher rate then it will force through and leak out. 

Also, if you do not have your water pressure checked your pipes may burst. This happens when the pipes cannot withstand an excess amount of pressure. To keep yourself and your family safe, check the water pressure with a professional. 

3. Hydraulic Shock or Water Hammer 

Hydraulic shock sounds like a fancy word that people use to describe their plumbing systems, but it’s not actually as complex as it sounds. Hydraulic shock is a technical term to describe the sound of your pipes banging into each other, like a ‘water hammer’. 

If the flow of water stops or quickly changes direction the water pressure can contribute to the pipes banging against each other. This is not normal for any plumbing equipment and needs to be checked immediately. If it is not fixed, the water hammering can knock pieces and plumbing connections loose. 

4. Leaking Pipes

A pipe that leaks can result in water damage behind your walls, under the floors and even above your ceiling. These can go unnoticed because they cannot be seen as much as a leaky faucet. High water pressure can cause joints and connections to loosen. These seemingly tiny drops can create an unnecessary amount of damage where it won’t be noticed until you smell it molding. 

Contact a professional to inspect for leaks and to perform a leak repair. If the leak is beyond repair, you may have to spend money on getting your pipes replaced. 

5. Toilet That Is Always Running 

If you can hear your toilet running when it is not in use, there may be something wrong. A toilet that is always running may have a water pressure issue. Having highly pressurized water fill your toilet can wear out the valve in between the connection. Water that is pressing against this valve will tear down the material and result in water running into the bowl. 

If you are unsure if your toilet is running or if you are just hearing things, you should call an expert. A Highland Village plumbing and air company will be able to replace your fill valve and fix the water pressure issue by scheduling a bathroom plumbing appointment.  

6. Noisy Equipment 

Appliances in your home should make little to no noise when properly functioning. If you have noticed your dishwasher or washing machine is making more noise than usual then high water pressure could be the issue. When the water pressure is too high it will cause wear and tear on the seals and connections to these appliances. 

The  equipment has to work harder to avoid the water pressure and this will ultimately shorten its lifespan. To ensure the lifespan of your equipment, like dishwashers, contact your local plumbing heating and cooling company for kitchen plumbing services 

7. Not Enough Hot Water 

If you are expecting hot water when you turn open your shower and it’s all cold then you may have a short supply of hot water due to high water pressure. Water pressure is used to fill up your water heater. If your water heater is filled too quickly it will not be able to heat that supply of water fast enough. This will result in an unequal ratio of cold to hot water. When a water heater needs to consistently heat water at inconsistent cycles, then there is a chance that the heater will quickly wear out. To prevent this cycle, contact your local plumber to perform a water heater service. 

Plumbing, Heating and Cooling: We Do It All

Are you looking for a plumbing heating and cooling company in Highland Village, TX? Then all you have to do is search ‘the best village plumbing and air’. Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing will pop up first because we are dedicated to making sure everything in your plumbing system is working at the highest level. We will make sure your water pressure is up to standard and will not affect your home or your water bill. Trust us to find the issue for you before it gets worse. 

If you are ready to schedule a water pressure inspection with us, call Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing at our phone number 940-246-2075 or schedule with us online. 

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