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7 Reasons Why Septic Pumping Is Essential

Septic pumping is a critical component of your home’s septic and sewage system. Without regular maintenance of your system, you may be in for a hefty bill for sewer line repair. Find out more about the seven reasons you should pump your septic. And, when the time comes for a septic system pump, be sure to reach out to an expert in pumping and sewer line repair in Flower Mound.

Prevent Backups

Signs of a septic backup are not pretty – slow draining, discolored water, and noxious odors are all telltale signs of a backed up septic tank. With regular residential sewer line repair and pumping, the risk of overflow becomes zero. If you take care of your system, you don’t need to worry about problems. 

Overflows are serious issues, not just for your system itself but the surrounding property. Your neighborhood could suffer from your septic troubles and lack of sewer line maintenance. If you suspect a backup in your system, reach out to a sewer line repair company to perform a pump out.

Remove Unwanted Solids

Many times,  sewer systems wind up handling items that they were not designed for. From “flushable” wipes to children’s toys to cosmetic items, many foreign objects make their way from homes into septic tanks . These items aren’t good for the long term health of the system. If you schedule a septic system pumping, you can remove the debris and get the system working well.

Prevent Damage

Septic tanks that receive routine maintenance often exhibit signs of wear and damage. Buildup from excess solid and liquid waste occurs inside of the sewer lines and septic tank, causing internal damage to the system over time. For the best results, regularly pump the septic system. Doing so prevents buildup from forming and allows both solid and liquid waste to flow freely.

Save Money

Though a septic system pump out does cost money, it pales in comparison to the costs of an overflow or fail. Certainly, the maintenance is much cheaper than a break that requires completely replacing the system. 

Damage to the septic system or the surrounding property are far more costly than a regularly scheduled septing pumping. Because scheduling a regular septic tank pump out is a quick and easy process , you should hesitate to take action. Typically, you only need to pump your system once every two or three years. 

Increase Property Value

One of the major things a potential home buyer pays attention to is the regular upkeep and maintenance of the property. Because a septic system being as vital to a home as it is, it can provide value to your home. But this is only the case of you provide your septic system with the appropriate care.

If your system is in worse shape than it should be, the value of your property may drop. Meanwhile, if you have a clean, up to date and, well maintained system, the value of your home may increase. Keep this in mind when you schedule your septic work and sewer line repair in Flower Mound.

Improve Efficiency

Regular septic pumping is a must in order to maintain and even improve septic system efficiency. If overwork your system or have a full tank, it will not process waste in the most efficient manner. Typically, by the time that you notice the signs of septic trouble, the system already needs help. It may have been struggling for months. Keep septic line repair on the forefront of your mind and you can keep your system running well.

It’s Overdue

For most homeowners, it is only necessary to perform a septic system pump out once every two to three years. But this depends on the number of people living in the house and the frequency of the system’s use. For most single family homes, the septic system faces constant use. Contact a sewer line installation and repair company in Flower Mound in order to perform a pump out and any other necessary maintenance or repairs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Are Sewer Lines Repaired?

Typically, there are two methods of repairing buried sewer lines: trenchless repairs and excavation. Trenchless repairs, as the name implies, allow sewer line repair technicians to work on the broken pipes from the inside. This method involves using snake cameras and highly specialized tools. The experts  work from inside of the damaged pipe to repair any leaks or ruptures.

Excavation methods involve an expert physically digging up the old and damaged pipes in order to repair or replace them. More often than not, excavation repairs are for sewer lines with significant damage. There is much more work involved because of the digging.

How Do You Know if Your Sewer Line Has Collapsed?

The main sign that a sewer line in your septic system has collapsed is a backup in your drainage system. Improper drainage in your household toilets, sinks, and baths is a surefire sign that something is wrong with your plumbing system, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a sewer line has collapsed. 

The best way to tell that this is the case is to hire a sewer line repair team in Flower Mound to check for themselves. Usually, they will use a snake camera to look within the pipes themselves. With the proper equipment, an expert can tell when there’s a collapse.

What if My Septic Tank Has Never Been Pumped?

If your sewer line installation in Flower Mound occurred less than two years ago, you don’t need to worry. If you have an older system but haven’t ever pumped it, then it is absolutely time for a septic pump out. Your actions can prevent any costly failures that result from an unpumped septic tank. 

If you think it’s time to pump your septic tank or you have trouble with your sewer line, it’s time to call for assistance. Here at Strittmatter, we are ready to handle all of your septic and sewer needs. You can count on us for septic pumping,  sewer line repair, and so much more.

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