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Is It Time to Replace Your Home’s Plumbing?

Before water starts pouring from the ceiling due to a busted pipe, you might want to get ahead of the problem by replacing your home’s plumbing. If you’ve been living in your home for a while or bought an older house, it might be time to replace some pipes.Problems pop up from time to time, and you should let your local Flower Mound plumbers handle emergency plumbing situations. But some issues are preventable. Updating your plumbing might help stop serious problems from occurring. If you want to learn more about your home’s plumbing, and when you should replace your pipes, read on!Are you looking for the best plumbers in Flower Mound?Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC has been serving the Flower Mound area for over 40 years. Give us a call today at 940-246-2075.

Signs of Old Plumbing

The majority of your plumbing is out of sight and hidden behind walls and floorboards. So, how can you know when your pipes are starting to age? Watch out for these telltale signs that can indicate that your pipes need replacing:

  • Pipe material— Several popular materials make up the majority of residential plumbing pipes. Each has its own qualities when it comes to durability and longevity. Copper lasts around 50 years. PVC and brass? Anywhere from 40 to 70 years. Last is galvanized steel pipes, which last almost 100 years before they need replacing.
  • Water color— We all know clean water is clear. If you’re getting anything else out of your pipes, it could be an indicator that sediment, minerals or rust are leaching into your water supply.
  • Visible corrosion— If you have exposed piping in your home, check for rust and flaking metal. If these issues exist on the outside pipes, it’s a good sign your interior piping is in bad shape.
  • Water stains on the ceiling— Peeling paint, bubbling wallpaper and discolored spots — don’t ignore these signs of a leaky plumbing system.Water leaks can happen in walls and ceilings, so monitor both areas.
  • Rising water bills— If you are starting to see a rising price trend in your water bill, it could mean a leak exists somewhere in your piping. The leak could be hiding and show no visible signs of damage.

If any of these signs start to show themselves, it might be time to find the best Flower Mound plumbers. Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC offers the plumbing services you need to tackle even the oldest plumbing systems.

What Wears Down Plumbing?

Water might seem unassuming coming from your faucet. Over time, though, it can do some damage. Consider the mighty Grand Canyon.The formation of this national treasure is due to the weathering properties of the Colorado River. Over the years, the running river water wore down the heavy rock and sediment, leaving a canyon in its wake. Your pipes are no different, although you’d never get away with letting a leak last that long. Bottom line? No material is immune from the combination of time and running water.Some materials are better suited for the task than others, but they wear down all the same. 

How Long Should My Pipes Last?

We already touched on how different pipe materials have different lifespans. The type of pipe also plays a role in longevity. So it makes sense to consider how often certain areas of your home use water.A supply sink in your basement, for example, won’t see the kind of wear and tear as your main supply pipes. Understanding when certain pipes need replacing can help you avoid costly repairs and alleviate the need for a complete plumbing overhaul.

Supply Pipes

Supply pipes see a lot of action. They are constantly under pressure and get the most damage and wear.The good news is that, unless you have an older home, your supply lines are probably good to go. Lifespan will depend on material type, but a good plumber won’t install a low-quality pipe for a supply line.

Faucet Lines

Feeding the water to your sinks is your faucet lines. You shouldn’t have to deal with faucet line problems too often. If you are, you should consider replacing them.If you are renovating your bathroom, it’s a good time to replace your faucet lines. 

Machine Supply Hoses

The lines feeding your washing machine are among the most commonly damaged areas in your home’s plumbing system. Generally, you want to replace your machine supply hoses every three years.When inspecting the area, be on the lookout for damage. Obvious cracks and kinks mean a new hose might be necessary.

Water Heater Piping

Your water heater gets a whole lot of use throughout the day. Whenever you need a hot shower or some steamy water for dishes, your water heater answers the call. A typical water heater has a lifespan of around ten years.While you might not need to replace the piping as often, you should consider upgrading if you install a new water heater. Being proactive can help with possible repairs down the line.

Should You Repair or Replace?

While you can get away with piecemeal repairs, you can’t put off installing new pipes forever. Often, plumbers can make repairs to older or worn pipes without needing to replace them. You might think this is a more cost-effective option but, at some point, you’ll need new pipes.If the damage is bad enough, your plumber will recommend a replacement. Replacing pipes is not something you want to write off. Serious problems could cause water to start pouring from the ceiling in an instant. A situation like this could mean paying for the cost to replace pipes and the costs of repairing water damage.

The Best Plumbers in Flower Mound, TX

If you are searching for local Flower Mound plumbers, be sure to reach out to Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC. Our team of licensed plumbers professionals can help with everything from emergency plumbing services to replacing old pipe systems.For the best service in town, reach out online to schedule an appointment.

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