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Is it Time for a New Heater?

During the summer months, you probably won’t use your heater. However, you should still schedule maintenance and repairs while it is in disuse to avoid future problems. As colder months of the year get closer, a functioning and efficient furnace are imperative to staying comfortable. Keep reading to find out the common warning signs that it’s time for a new heater.   

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Old Heating System

A heating system that is older than 15 years is going to need a replacement. This will ensure efficiency and decrease the risk of repairs or safety hazards. Although the average lifespan of a furnace is between 15 to 20 years old, every unit is different. Usage and maintenance, for example, greatly impact the lifespan of a furnace.   

As a general rule, schedule heater installation before the system fails so that you will not have to go without heat during the winter. The older the unit, the harder it is going to work to heat up your home. It is better to replace early so that you save money on your energy and utility bills. If your unit is old and needs an upgrade, call hvac service companies near you to ensure a quick and easy installation.

Strange Noises

If you are hearing noises while your furnace is turned on, this can be a sign that your furnace needs a repair or replacement. The older the unit, the more likely a repair is necessary. Just like your car, as a unit nears the end of its functioning lifespan, strange noises begin to happen that don’t occur in younger models. A proper running heater should not make any noise other than a low hum or rumble. If you hear any squeaking, rattling or knocking noises it may be time that you call a technician to replace your unit.

Increased Bills

Have you noticed that your utility bills are increasing each month? This can be due to a few things, but one of the most common reasons is an inefficient heating system. During the winter, the heater is being used more often than the rest of the year. If your heating unit is not maintained frequently, it may take longer or require high amounts of electricity to keep your home at the desired temperature. Consider upgrading your unit to a newer model for higher efficiency. Scheduling hvac maintenance every few months can also help to ensure that your furnace is in working order.

More Repairs

One of the most common warning signs to look out for is increased, frequent repairs. As time goes on, your heater will take on normal wear and tear and will require repairs more often. When this happens, it is time to say goodbye to your old unit and bring in an update. Noticing if your heater breaks down more often can help you to decide whether you need to replace it. In the long run, it is beneficial to you to install a new unit because it is more costly to keep an old unit running.

Open Gas Leaks

Most furnaces operate on gas, so it is important to keep a few warning signs in mind. Gas companies put the smell of rotten eggs in gas lines in the case of a gas leak. A gas leak can pose an explosion risk.   

Carbon monoxide is another gas to be wary of. It is an odorless and toxic gas that is harmful to humans. In the case that you do not notice a smell, some people can have flu-like symptoms that can be linked to carbon monoxide poisoning. If you notice a rotten egg smell or start experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning, contact your gas company immediately to turn off your gas. You should also evacuate the property and contact a local HVAC service company to perform an emergency repair or replacement.

Furnace Malfunctions

An easy to notice sign of a furnace malfunction is yellow burner flames. The flames in a gas furnace are supposed to be blue so that they can provide proper heating. Discolored burner flames are a sign that the burner needs to be cleaned.   

Yellow burner flames can cause soot streaks around the furnace and in some cases, can work together with moisture to cause even more damage to your home. When there is moisture on surfaces, there can be an increase in rust production on pipes. While regular maintenance can typically help to put this issue at bay, if it happens frequently then you may need a replacement.

Short Cycling

Have you noticed that your heater constantly kicks on and off throughout the day? This is called short cycling, which can occur when a unit is older or in need of a repair. The more often this occurs throughout the day, the higher your electrical bill will be at the end of the month. This warning sign can be an easy way to tell that you may need a new heater. Scheduling an appointment with an HVAC service company near you can determine whether you need heating services and furnace replacement.

Flower Mound Heating Repair

Although it gets hot in Flower Mound, TX  you can’t forget about your heating unit. If left in disuse for too long without maintenance, it can develop problems that may require a replacement. Watch for the signs and if you believe it is necessary, consider getting an upgrade.    Before you search “HVAC service companies near me” consider hiring Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Our team is the number one choice in Flower Mound, TX for plumbing, cooling and heating needs. With over 40 years of experience in the area, the professional technicians at Strittmatter will make sure everything is working properly.   

To schedule a service appointment at Strittmatter, contact us online or call us at [site_info_phone_number.

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