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High Water Pressure in Your Home Is Bad for the Plumbing

High water pressure in the home may seem like a good thing. After all, what’s more disappointing when you’re ready for a nice hot shower than a sad trickle of water? Unfortunately, when the water pressure in a plumbing system is too high, it can lead to major headaches and expensive repairs. Read on to learn more about the dangers of high water pressure and how a Highland Village plumbing service expert like Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC can help. Strittmatter can help with plumbing leak repair, installations and replacement. Call 940-246-2075 today or visit us online to schedule professional plumbing services in Highland Village, TX.

The Dangers of High Water Pressure

High water pressure can lead to noisy, rattling pipes or disruptive, loud banging noises known as “water hammer” sounds whenever water encounters a valve. This isn’t only a nuisance—it can lead to expensive plumbing problems down the road. The dangers of water pressure that is too high include: 

  • Shortened lifespan of appliances like your dishwasher, laundry machine and water heater.
  • Rising energy bills due to waste and the amount of water that needs to be heated.
  • Damage to pipe joints.
  • Pipe damage—like erosion—and frequent leaks.
  • Wasted water.
  • Damage to water heaters, especially older models that run the risk of exploding.
  • Expensive water damage in the home as a result of burst pipes or broken appliances.

Signs That Your Water Pressure Is Too High

It can be difficult to know when your water pressure is adequate and when it’s simply too high for your plumbing system and appliances to handle safely. Keep an eye or ear out for the following warning signs: 

  • Plenty of leaks from cracked or damaged pipes.
  • Dripping faucets, toilets and showerheads.
  • Leaks at water heater connection points. 
  • Louding banging noises, creaks or groans in your piping.
  • High or rising water utility bills.
  • Rattling pipes that jostle and vibrate as water moves through them.
  • Faucets that leak at certain times of day or when you use another fixture.

How to Fix Water Pressure That’s Too High

The most common cause of high water pressure in the home is that your municipal water system is sending high pressure water into your plumbing system. While the root cause of this issue is beyond the homeowner’s control, attaching a water pressure regulator to the water main in the home will help lower water pressure to a safe level. If you notice the tell-tale signs of water pressure that’s too high, call your local Highland Village plumbing service to evaluate the problem. A qualified plumber from Strittmatter can make all the necessary installations and adjustments, as well as repair or replace any damaged pipes or water leaks. The most common fix for excessively high water pressure is to install a pressure regulating valve. Moving forward, it’s imperative to monitor your water supply pressure by taking pressure readings. Readings higher than 70 PSI indicate excessive pressure that will shorten the lifespan of many appliances and plumbing components in your home. A reading between 55–60 PSI is optimal for convenience, water savings and extending the lifespan of your pipes and appliances.

What About Water Pressure That’s Too Low?

On the opposite end of the water pressure spectrum, low water pressure can make everything from washing dishes to showering and doing the laundry inconvenient. A water pressure reading below 30 PSI is too low for residential plumbing systems. Low water pressure can be caused by the following:

  • A Broken Pressure Regulator—water pressure regulators work to keep your water pressure stable and within the optimal pressure range. A broken pressure regulator can cause water pressure to become too high or too low.
  • Clogged Pipes—pipes that are partially blocked by clogs will impede water flow, thus affecting the water pressure. To fix this issue, pipes need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Corroded Plumbing—over time, plumbing systems can become corroded. This can lead to various problems, including low water pressure. Corroded pipes will need to be updated and replaced before you end up with bigger issues down the line.
  • Closed Valves—the water supply in your home can be shut off by two separate valves. If either of these valves is broken or not open all the way, it can affect the water pressure throughout your home. 
  • High Water Demand—when too many faucets or appliances request water at the same time, your plumbing system may not be able to keep up with the demand, reducing water pressure as a result. This also occurs when new water-using appliances, like dishwashers, are added to a home with old pipes and then run at the same time as, say, the washing machine. Try to stagger water demand so that your plumbing system can direct water where it’s really needed.
  • Faulty Faucets—fixtures like shower heads and faucets can become clogged with gunk or hard water mineral build-up over time. When this happens, the fixture in question may not be a good conduit for water. As a result, your water pressure might be just fine, but flow will be impeded until the shower head or faucet is properly cleaned.  

If you suspect water pressure issues in your home, don’t delay in calling a professional plumber. High water pressure can lead to expensive plumbing repairs and irreplaceable water damage to your home and your belongings.  

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