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Ask the Experts: What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat?

In your home, you want to set your thermostat at a temperature that not only feels comfortable but is economically feasible. Luckily, the air conditioning experts have tips for homeowners about what temperature their home should be set to. There are important factors to consider such as outdoor temperature and humidity. These will help you determine the best temperature for your home.

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Continue reading to learn more about what the experts say about what temperature your thermostat should be set to. 

Outdoor Temperature Considerations

If the indoor temperature is cooler than the temperature outside, you need to increase your thermostat. Otherwise the air conditioning system will cool your home too quickly and freeze the coils. This has the potential to damage your unit and require the need for repairs. 

To avoid this issue, make sure to turn on the AC only if the outside temperature is above sixty degrees fahrenheit. Any frozen coils will impact the airflow in the unit and lead to further damage. Make sure to turn off the unit before you head to bed to prevent ice formation on cooler nights. Contact HVAC technicians for AC maintenance to ensure that the air conditioning system is working properly.

Factors for Indoor Temperature

No matter what climate you live in, there are some indoor factors that can determine what your thermostat should be set to. A good temperature range for most homes in the United States is between 66 and 73 degrees. However, there are certain things that could make this temperature range rise or fall. 

Our body temperatures constantly change and this affects how comfortable we are in our homes. For people who tend to run warm, the thermostat might be set towards the lower end of the range and vice versa for people who run cold. Another factor to consider is the clothing that is worn inside. If you like to wear warmer clothes, then the temperature will probably be set lower. 

How Humidity Affects Temperature

Have you noticed that when the humidity is high, it feels like a jungle outside? If you have spent time in both low and high humidity areas, you’ll know that it makes a big difference in how you feel temperature. Even if the temperature is only in the upper 80s, high humidity can make this feel like it’s 95 degrees. If the humidity outside is low, make sure to turn the thermostat up to compensate and save money. 

The temperature should be at the highest setting that is comfortable for you and your family. During the summer, the temperature inside the house should be between 72-76 degrees. Increasing the temperature will help to save you money on your energy bill. After finding that comfort range, feel free to adjust the temperature to something that works for everyone in the house. 

Don’t Adjust After Exercising

Imagine this: you went on a quick jog in the middle of the day when the temperature was at its height. You come back home and all you want to do is cool down. The first thing you may think to do is run to the thermostat to lower the temperature. 

As tempting as this may be, it shouldn’t be done too often. Frequently adjusting the temperature will make your unit work harder than it needs to and increase your energy bills. That is why it is better to stay away from the thermostat and let the air conditioning unit do its job to cool you down after strenuous exercising. 

Avoid Excessive Cooling

The best tip from the experts is to avoid excessively cooling your home. This means that lowering the temperature to cool down your home faster should be avoided. While you may feel relief quicker, you will also experience higher energy bills. 

To avoid excessive cooling, it is best to keep the thermostat at a comfortable, but not low, temperature setting. Although you may want to knock down the temperature a few degrees to get cool, do your best to keep it steady and in the 72-76 degree range in the summer and 66-73 degree range during cooler seasons. If you are concerned about excessive cooling, contact HVAC Flower Mound TX contractors for more energy saving tips and advice. 

Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostat will save you energy and money throughout the year. Programmable thermostats allow you to set temperatures for different times of the day. This way, the temperature stays cool while you’re at home and increases while you’re away. You get to reap the financial benefits without having to suffer through discomfort. 

These advanced thermostats come in all sorts of options. Many even allow you to program separate temperatures for the weekend, when you are at home more often.  Programmable thermostats tend to be more expensive due to the technological capabilities that they possess. However, the savings are unmatched by any other thermostat model. Talk to your local HVAC technician for AC services to install your new programmable thermostat.

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