What Do HVAC Technicians Do on a Maintenance Visit?

It is highly recommended by HVAC professionals that you schedule maintenance at least once, but preferably twice, a year for your heating and cooling systems. The best time to schedule maintenance is during fall and spring. Your furnace and air conditioner are unlikely to be working hard during these seasons because they typically have the least extreme weather.

Many homeowners neglect HVAC maintenance because they don’t know what a technician actually does during these visits. Many of the tasks that technicians complete during maintenance are essential for proper function and efficiency.

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Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling regular heating and cooling maintenance is imperative to the continued use of your system. Here are some of the benefits that you receive when you schedule preventative maintenance:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Longer lifespan
  • Reduced monthly energy bills
  • Less risk of unexpected repairs
  • Reliable and consistent comfort

If you don’t schedule preventative maintenance then you put your HVAC systems at risk. The last thing that any homeowner wants is to wake up in the middle of the night to a freezing home because the furnace failed unexpectedly. To keep your family comfortable and healthy, you should schedule maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner. 

Regular maintenance also ensures that any existing issues don’t become worse. If a problem in your HVAC system is neglected then it can become worse. This could lead to an expensive repair or even a full system failure. Instead of spending more money on a replacement or major repair, spend less money by scheduling regular maintenance appointments.

What to Expect from Air Conditioning Maintenance

Scheduling air conditioning maintenance may feel futile to some homeowners because each technician performs a maintenance visit differently. Take a look at the main tasks that a technician will accomplish during a visit:

  • Check the filter: if it is dirty the technician will replace it or recommend that you replace it yourself.
  • Check the condenser coils: the technician will clean dirty condenser coils using a special solvent or high pressure water.
  • Check the outdoor unit: the technician will make sure that there is at least two feet of space between the outdoor unit and any landscaping or objects.
  • Check the thermostat: the technician will make sure that the air conditioner is reaching the temperatures at which the thermostat is set.
  • Clean the unit: the technician will clean the unit to remove any dust and debris that has settled.
  • Check condensate drain: the technician will make sure that any moisture is properly draining from the unit. They will also clean the drain to remove any buildup or mold.
  • Check the charge: the technician will make sure that the amperage and charge of the unit is correct.
  • Check electrical components: the technician will make sure that all inputs, outputs and wiring are intact and working. They will also check the breaker box to make sure that everything is properly connected.
  • Check refrigerant levels: the technician will take a look at the refrigerant levels and will fill the coils if levels are low. They will also check for any leaks.
  • Tune-up and inspection: the technician will tighten any components and give a thorough inspection to check for any damaged parts.

If the technician finds any issues with the system, they will speak to the homeowner to request permission to repair. For common repairs, the technician typically will have everything that they need in their truck. For major repairs, the technician may have to come back at a later date to fix it. Whether or not a technician gives your air conditioner a clean bill of health, maintenance helps provide peace of mind for many homeowners. 

What to Expect from Furnace Maintenance

Many of the steps for air conditioning maintenance remain the same for furnace maintenance. Take a look at what a technician may do while providing furnace maintenance:

  • Check the filter: a furnace filter should be replaced four times a year. If it has not been replaced recently, the technician will replace it. 
  • Calibrate the thermostat: the technician will calibrate the thermostat so that the furnace reaches the correct temperature.
  • Tune-up: the technician will lubricate moving parts, tighten any connections and complete any necessary cleaning.
  • Check the heat exchanger: the technician will take a look at the heat exchanger to check for any cracks or leaks. 
  • Check burner flames: the technician will make sure that the burners are the right size and color. If they aren’t, the technician will clean the burner.
  • Clean the system: as dust and debris settle onto a furnace they can cause strange odors when they are burned off. The technician will clean the system to make sure that it stays in good shape. 
  • Check fuel connections: some furnaces operate by gas and others operate by electricity. The technician will check any gas line or electrical connections.
  • Check condensate drain: some furnaces include condensate drains to make sure that any moisture has a place to go. The technician will make sure that it is in working condition and complete any cleaning it may need.

Just like air conditioning maintenance, the technician will alert the homeowner to any issues that require repairs. Furnace maintenance is especially important because many systems are gas-fueled. If this gas leaks, it can put your home and residents at risk. It is highly recommended that you install a carbon monoxide detector next to your furnace so that you can be alerted if there ever is a leak. 

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