The Professional Denton, TX Bathroom Plumbing Service

Bathroom plumbing has the tendency to get a little messy, plus the working area is small and cramped. Strittmatter of Denton, TX will happily take all these concerns off of your hands. And we’ll leave the area clean afterwards.

Bathroom Plumbing | Denton, TX | Strittmatter A/C, Heating & Plumbing

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We provide two main bathroom plumbing services, installations/new construction and plumbing repairs.

Bathroom Installations/New Construction

Have an exciting idea about your new toilet, shower or sink? Let Strittmatter help you install it properly so it will last. You can count on it not springing leaks or causing other problems that would be created from poor installations.

Is it a not so exciting project? That’s okay, we’ll help you execute that, too.

Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Plumbers at Strittmatter have seen every kind of bathroom plumbing malfunction across the Denton area. We can fix your shower, toilet, sink or leak and leave your bathroom functional and clean. You can call us for:

  • Backed Up Drains

  • Leak Detection

  • Toilet Flushing Improperly

  • Nonstop Toilet Running

  • And More

We will have your bathroom clean and back to operational in no time.

Why Strittmatter For Bathroom Plumbing

  • Holder of “Best in Denton” Award s for Plumbing From Murray Media & Denton Record Chronicle

  • Serving the Denton, TX Area Since 1980

  • Highly Trained, Friendly Plumbers

Most of all, we are a family-founded company that is loyal to the families that need our services. We’re available from 7am to 8pm to call for an appointment that suits your schedule. Get in touch with a plumber at 940-566-1122.