our Buyback program

We are proud to offer our company buyback program to help YOU, save money on heating, cooling, or plumbing equipment replacements.* We will replace your old equipment with a new high efficiency system and pay you to buy back your old equipment. Then we will haul it away so you don’t have to worry about it. Sound too good to be true? This is the real deal!

HVAC System Buyback

We will pay up to $300 per ton for your old heating and cooling system(s). **If you have more than one system, the buyback offer will apply separately to each unit.

Plumbing System Buyback

If you have a tank style water heater, we will pay you $150 toward a tanked replacement. Should you choose to have endless hot water and wish to upgrade to a tankless water heater, we will pay you $500 for your old tank style water heater.

*Includes buyback credit toward heating systems, cooling systems, and water heaters (tanked or tankless).

**Up to 5 tons per system ($300/ton for inverter system, $200/ton for 2 stage, $100/ton for single stage).

***Buyback credit cannot be utilized on already discounted systems or water heaters and cannot be combined with other offers.


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Drain Clear plus FREE Camera Inspection

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$79 Heating Tune Up

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FREE QUOTE On Water Heater and Sewer Line Replacement

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Whole Home Flu Shot for $2000 (reg. $2836)

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Free Whole Home Flu Shot with the purchase of any ac/heating system

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