Maintenance Plans

Family savings club plans




Cost per month




Priority Service

(Over non-members & Lower level)

Guaranteed same day service repair

Guaranteed Service within 24 hours

Priority service

Service Repair discounts

(a/c, heating & plumbing)
Excludes major plumbing repairs such as sewer lines, and water heaters, as well as HVAC equipment replacement.




$50 discount on trip charge

Never pay twice for the same repair

(Except drains, acts of God, flapper, fill valves, & refrigerant leaks. As long as you maintain a continuous Family Savings Club, you will never pay for the same repair twice).

air conditioning and heating maintenance

Plumbing maintenance

(does not include crawl space)

Filter media replaced

free filters for life

Strittmatter will provide all necessary filters for your filtration system, as long as you are a current FSC customer. *On common-sized filters.

Free parts replaced during tune-ups if found bad

(contactor, capacitor, 1 ib. freon, ignitor, flapper, fill valve, 1 supply flex) 1 repair per trip

Up To &2000.oo credit on a new a/c & heating system

As long as you maintain a continuous platinum membership, you are conveniently saving toward a future New equipment purchase. Every dollar you spend on the platinum membership over the next 5 years will be deducted from the purchase price of a new strittmatter comfort system.

Up to $500.00 credit on large plumbing repairs

Major plumbing repairs includes water heater, sewer line replacements, yard line replacement, and slab leaks.

maintenance services include




Why should i invest?

Saving you money

Properly maintained equipment runs more efficiently, you money on your utility bills. it also extends the life of your equipment and reduces the likelihood of costly breakdowns.

proper maintenance

Per manufactures guidelines, our certified technicians will perform the required maintenance every six months. Regular maintenance ensure your equipment is operating safely, and keeps your warranty current.

convenient for you

We are there when you need us- 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm.

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+Up to $2000 off a New System
For as long as you maintain a continuous Platinum Membership, your monthly membership fee will be placed in an escrow-like account* to save for you to put toward a replacement system. Basically, every dollar spent on the Platinum Membership over the next 5 years will be deducted from the purchase price of a new Strittmatter Comfort System*. *Up to $2000
Saving You Money
With our Platinum and Silver Memberships, you will receive between 15-25% on repairs. Both plans cover maintenance for up to two systems for the price of one.
Proper Maintenance
Our Platinum and Silver Memberships both include twice annual AC maintenance (spring and fall tune-ups), along with one annual plumbing maintenance. Since your AC system is the most expensive appliance in your home to operate and breakdowns can be quite costly, it is imperative to maintain, much like an automobile. It needs regularly scheduled maintenance and upkeep to perform efficiently, keep your utility costs down, and extend the life of your equipment.
Convenient For You
We are there when you need us 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm and will never charge overtime fees.
Scheduling Made Easy
We will take care of remembering your maintenance schedule all year long and will reach out to you by text message, E-mail, post-card, or phone when it is time to schedule your next maintenance visit.
Priority Service

As a Family Savings Club Member, you’ll be scheduled and serviced first, ahead of non-club members in the unlikely event that you do have a breakdown.


In the unlikely event you do experience a breakdown, as a Club Member you will receive a $50 discount on our trip charge and discounts off any required repairs.

Proof and Documentation

In case you sell your home, you will have proof that your heating and cooling equipment has been properly maintained and is in good working condition.

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