What Can I Do to Care For My AC System?

The prudent homeowner understands that when it comes to home maintenance, a little effort now pays off in a big way for years to come. While it’s always recommended to contact an air conditioning professional for repair work, there are plenty of routine HVAC maintenance tasks that can be performed at home. Read on to learn what you can do to care for your AC system this summer. Need an air conditioning repair company now? Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC offers Flower Mound AC repair and installation. Call (972) 362-4135 or visit us online to get started.  

Routine AC Maintenance For Homeowners

The best thing any homeowner can do to keep their AC unit running smoothly and extend its lifespan is to schedule annual maintenance by a professional. A yearly tune-up includes a top-to-bottom cleaning and thorough inspection. This is by far the best way to catch potential problems and repair loose or worn parts before they lead to a system breakdown. That said, there’s plenty homeowners can do in between visits to protect their investment and comfort levels. Let’s dive in!
  • 1. Change AC Air Filters 

    HVAC air filters trap airborne contaminants like dust, pollen, dander, pet hair and tobacco smoke by-products. This takes care of two things: it prevents these pollutants from entering your HVAC system and causing problems and it filters these particles out of the air you breathe, improving indoor air quality. When air filters become clogged with contaminants, airflow is impeded and your HVAC system will struggle to run efficiently. Indoor air quality will also decline as filters are unable to trap new contaminants.  Luckily, this is an easy fix. Homeowners can—and should—replace AC air filters every 30–90 days or clean them just as often if they are reusable. Most home improvement stores carry HVAC filters, just be sure to check your old filter for sizing specifications. This information is usually printed on the cardboard frame of the filter. Homes located in dusty or highly polluted areas and those with multiple pets in the home will likely need to replace or clean air filters at least once a month, if not more frequently. A filter that is held up to a light source but does not allow light to pass through it is clogged and likely won’t allow for adequate airflow. Your local AC technician can evaluate your situation and make recommendations on how frequently air filters need to be swapped out. 
  • 2. Keep Your Condenser Unit Clear    

    Your AC system’s condenser unit is located outside of your home. This is where the heat that’s removed from indoor air gets released to the outside. Encroaching flora like bushes and shrubbery can impede airflow around the condenser unit, making it difficult for your system to function well. It’s important to trim back branches and bushes to ensure at least a 2-ft clearance around the condenser unit. Twigs, leaves and other types of debris can also get caught between your unit’s metal fins. Remove these carefully, as fins can bend or break. 
  • 3. Evaluate and Clean Air Vents  

    Your air vents and air ducts play an important role in transporting and expelling cooled air throughout your home. Over time, contaminants like dust and pollen can deposit and build up inside and around them. If any moisture gets into your system, mold and mildew growth can take over, decreasing indoor air quality and causing unpleasant odors. Another issue that crops up from time to time comes in the form of insect and rodent infestations. Nesting materials, droppings and remains can all clog up your air ducts and stink up your home. Severe blockages can impede airflow and put unnecessary strain on your unit, shortening its lifespan and increasing energy costs.  It’s wise to wipe down air vents often and have your air ducts inspected and cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Homeowners should also ensure that no furniture blocks air vents or impedes airflow.
  • 4. Check Your Thermostat  

    Investing in a programmable thermostat can help you save big and reduce wear-and-tear on your unit over time. Setting the temperature a few degrees higher while you are away during the day in the summertime makes a huge difference for your HVAC unit and your utility bill. A smart thermostat allows you to set your AC unit according to your schedule. It’s also good to know that the US Department of Energy advises homeowners to set their thermostats between 75–78°F for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
  • 5. Groom Your Pets   

    Those with pets in the home will benefit from grooming them frequently to reduce the amount of pet hair and dander circulating through indoor air. Doing so means your air filters won’t clog up as quickly and your unit won’t have to work harder to keep up. Pets shed more in the spring and fall as they prepare for the weather to shift, so these months warrant some extra attention. Homeowners should also keep up with vacuuming carpets, couches and anywhere else hair tends to collect. This habit will keep everyone happier in the long run and go a long way toward keeping your AC unit clean and efficient. 

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