Have you been wary about preventative maintenance? Or confused about what tune-ups actually do? Then you’re in the right place! The Strittmatters team is here to separate fact from fiction when it comes to preventative maintenance.

Fiction: Tune-ups are a waste of money.

Fact: Tune-ups can save you money! If your equipment hasn’t been serviced in a while, it could be working harder than it needs to be. And more energy used means a higher monthly bill. Our SuperTechs check all parts of the equipment to make sure all connections are secure and all parts are functioning properly. Paying for a tuneup up front can catch small problems before they become big (and expensive) issues. In fact, a study out of Louisiana showed that no matter the age or efficiency of your unit, you can expect to save an average of $163 a year after a tuneup!  

Tune-ups: Fact vs. Fiction

Fiction: Preventative maintenance doesn’t really do anything.

Fact: Quite the opposite! An HVAC tune-up includes monitoring refrigerant pressure, testing starting capabilities, measuring volts/amps ratings, measure temperature differential, and more. A plumbing tune-up includes a visual inspection of all exposed drain and water lines, monitoring water levels and flush valves, a safety inspection of water heater, and more. Our expert SuperTechs will check every aspect of your equipment to make sure it is operating safety and efficiently.

Tune-ups: Fact vs. Fiction

Fiction: Tune-ups are a waste of my time.

Fact: Scheduling a tuneup is a much better use of your time than being caught off guard by an unexpected problem. No one wants to miss time away from work or with family to deal with an HVAC or plumbing problem. So tackle the issue head-on and plan preventative maintenance when it’s convenient for you!

Tune-ups: Fact vs. Fiction

Fiction: Preventative maintenance is complicated and confusing.

Fact: Our Strittmatter SuperTechs are experts and will walk you through the whole process. Our office staff will get your appointment scheduled quickly and easily. When the day of your appointment arrives, our SuperTechs will explain everything they are doing once they arrive at your home. Still have questions about anything? No problem! Just give us a call and we can answer any and every question you have about preventative maintenance.

Tune-ups: Fact vs. Fiction

There are the facts! So what now? Call Strittmatters to schedule a tune-up! And when you do, be sure to ask about our Family Savings Club. As part of our Family Savings Club, you’ll get priority service and up to a 25% discount on future repairs on top of preventative maintenance. Take a look at even more benefits here! Give us a call to talk about all the details at 940-566-1112.