Tawnya was born in August of 1979 in Stephenville, Texas and has lived in the Denton area since she was 7. She serves as the Strittmatter office manager and is a co-owner of the family business. She is also the biggest cheerleader on our team and encourages our staff in every way possible! She has an associates degree in business management and has been working as a part of the family business since 2010. She and her husband Joe (also high school sweethearts) share a 16 year old son, Jared. Tawnya adores spending time with her family and loves the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. She wants our customers to know that our mission at Strittmatter is to provide the best service experience to every customer that we come into contact with. We really are a family, helping families, and our team is an extension of the Strittmatter family.

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