Jared was born on April 28 and is a Denton native. He serves the Strittmatter team as a parts manager and runner. He has one dog, Jackson, that will be 12 this year but still has the mind of the puppy he is. He occasionally plays airsoft and likes to tinker in his spare time. He is a huge fan of space and the stars and would spend all night seeing everything he could if he had a telescope. He wants our customers to know that he is very methodical and ensures everything is up to standard. He believes that excellence is the most important core value, because if you aren’t pushing yourself to do your best you’re doing it wrong. He believes we need to improve and sharpen ourselves every day to be the best we can be. He loves a good patty melt with fries and tartar sauce from The Smokehouse in Denton and would love to visit Europe to see all the sights and experience the different cultures.

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