Strittmatter Stands With Houston

The devastating destruction of Hurricane Harvey deeply impacted many North Texans. Images and videos of families in need filled our newsfeeds and many of us took it as a call to action. At Strittmatter, it has always been our mission to give back to the community whenever possible. When we saw the need in Houston, we knew our team needed to take action.

We put out the call to our fellow North Texans to join us in our mission to help Houston, and you answered!

Several community members and businesses joined our team as we went to Sam’s Club to purchase supplies and items to donate to the relief efforts.

With the community’s help, we were able to load up several pallets with much-needed supplies.

We needed all hands on deck to load up the bottles of water, paper towels, baby supplies, and more.

Finally, we were all loaded up and ready to head out the next morning.

The next morning, our crew headed down to Houston to meet with the Red Cross and deliver our 30-foot trailer full of relief supplies.

Our team had plenty of supplies to unpack at the Red Cross station.

Joe Strittmatter and Abraham De La Rosa with members of the relief effort after unloading the donations.

We are so grateful that we were able to provide help to Hurricane Harvey victims in need. Our team was able to bring together more than a dozen contractors and local businesses to donate more than $10,000 worth of supplies to the Red Cross on the Texas coast.

Jared Strittmatter, age 14, attended the volunteer night and also traveled down to Houston with his father, Joe Strittmatter. When asked about the experience, he said:

When we loaded up the night before it seemed like people were amazed at what we were doing. It felt good just to stand there and pile stuff into a trailer that I knew would make it to the Houston area. Once we actually, left I didn’t think anybody would be on the highway. But there were so many people either pulling trailers like us or just in cars loaded with stuff. It really surprised me to see that so many people had put their lives on hold just to help. Once we got there, we went to a drop-off warehouse to unload and the police stopped us just to take a picture of the huge load. The massive warehouse was almost full of supplies and was full of people too. It warmed my heart to see so many people there actually working to help their fellow Texans. If I could ever do it again, I would.

The Strittmatter team would also like to give special recognition to those who made this effort possible.

Key Custom Homes and Kent Key J Mike Riley

Axis Reality Group and Brad Andrus & Alex Payne

Adams Exterminating Company

Austin Reding

AAA Heating & Air Conditioning and Keith Neff

Sunny Service and Ben Stark

Force Home Services and Ron Strelke

Mayor Chris Watts

Mike Hadd

Anthony Hadd

Eddie Zeman

Mauricio Beltran

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