Shady Shores

Shady Shores, TX
Shady Shores is a town in Denton County Texas. It covers 2.9 square miles of property just south of Denton, Texas. Shady Shores’ residents take pride in being a small bedroom community (with nary a stop light or convenience store to be found).
Quick Facts
Shady ShoresFun Facts:
In the mid-1920’s, John William Franck, a Dallas contractor, built a fishing camp with about 10 wood-shingle cabins on the northern shores of Lake Dallas. He had this in mind as a weekend retreat for Dallas residents. In the 1930’s, many of the fishing camps were torn down and replaced by permanent homes, a number of which are still standing.
Shady ShoresCity Established: 1932
Shady ShoresPopulation Size: 2890
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