Wondering About Roofing Issues in Denton, TX?

There are a few things that could cause significant roof damage to occur in your Denton, TX neighborhood. Maybe that last hailstorm did a number on your shingles. Maybe a tree branch fell on top of your house during the last rainstorm. Or perhaps your roof has gone without maintenance for so long that small wear and tear has just built up over time.

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Whatever the cause, Strittmatter can inspect your roof and provide the best course of action for anything amiss. Here is what to expect if our roofing experts find significant damage.

Roofing Repair

The damage may just be simple patchwork repair, but it can save you from having ceiling damage from a leaky area.

Roofing Replacement

Only a few things would require a full roof replacement, but it is important to take care of it before it causes a much more costly problem for your home. We try to avoid this as much as we can, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

A Word to the Wise

If an insurance adjuster inspects your roof and you don’t act then, then you are on the line down the road to pay out of pocket! Check out our page on roofing insurance to learn more about what might be covered by your roofing insurance.

Look After Your Roofing With Strittmatter

We believe it really is part of our job to look after the Denton, TX area. Our hard work has been recognized by awards, and while we appreciate the recognition, we still try to go above and beyond and produce quality from our family-owned business. That’s why all of our roofers are rigorously and professionally trained, and customer service is highly emphasized.

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