Save Money With Our Pointers on Roofing Insurance in Denton, TX

The details on roofing insurance for your Denton, TX home can be a little unclear or hard to sift through. But at Strittmatter, we want you to get the best deal for your roofing job, and knowing what that insurance does and does not cover is an important factor in that. The exact coverage varies of course, but we can give you an idea of what to expect from your provider.

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If you back out of your driveway one morning and notice an unwelcome masterpiece on your roof, the repair will probably be covered. Another instance is an amateur roofer causing damage during an inspection so that they can then charge to fix it.

The caveat is that any vandalism must be reported to the police before you will receive the coverage.

Forces of Nature

More severe weather like hurricanes or tornados is covered. Your coverage varies for damage from:
You can expect a professional experience from Strittmatter HVAC services:

  • Wind

  • Rain

  • Hail

All three of these are paid for by your insurance company, however, different circumstances decide the amount you pay out of pocket.

Causes Not Covered

You are held responsible for the maintenance of your roof, so you are liable for anything unattended to on your roof that causes problems. Some of these issues are:

  • Mold From Leaks

  • Aging Roof

  • Animal Nesting

Basically, if regular maintenance could have prevented it or thwarted its development, it probably isn’t covered.

Roofing Repair From the Experts

We have been giving our best to the area since 1980, taking pride in being the family owned company that the Denton, TX area can trust. We train our roofers with the strictest, most ethical guidelines, and we are ready to serve you When it Matters.

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