North Texas has seen its fair share of severe weather this spring. From large hail to tornado warnings, Denton County residents are preparing themselves for more storms to come. But what can you do when damaging weather is in the forecast? Take a look at some of these reminders to keep your home safe and ready to withstand rough weather.

Get Your Yard Ready

Protect Your Home During Storm Season
To protect your home from a storm, start by preparing your yard. Remove any small items like sports equipment or gardening tools. These items can be tossed around by the wind and end up in places they shouldn’t be! Be sure to secure or remove larger items like patio furniture. Strong winds can carry these items and they can end up damaging your home.

While you’re preparing your yard, take a moment to assess your trees and their branches. Any larger branches, especially ones near your home or power lines, could snap during a storm. Safely remove or trim these branches before a storm rolls in. Trimming your trees immediately before a storm could be hazardous because the trimmed branches will still in your yard!

Protect Your HVAC Unit

Protect Your Home During Storm Season

If you have enough warning before a storm blows in, it’s a good idea to protect your HVAC unit. Hail and debris are the biggest contributors to HVAC damage during a storm. Hail and other debris can dent the metal fins covering the unit and cause air flow to become restricted. You might not notice this immediately, but your unit will! To protect the unit, turn off the AC or heat and cover the outdoor unit with a thick tarp or canvas cover. Keep the air conditioning or heat off until the storm passes and you uncover the unit.

Don’t Fall For Scams

Protect Your Home During Storm Season


Scammers usually move into an area right after a significant storm rolls out. These scammers might start going door to door in your neighborhood or putting up signs advertising storm repair. Homeowners can usually spot a scam from a mile away, but it’s always a good idea to research who you are letting into your home. Looking at online reviews can give you an idea of a particular company’s business practices. Look at the number of reviews, the date on the reviews, and the content of the review to help you make your choice. Reliable companies will have reviews dating back a few years and you will be able to read other homeowner’s experiences, good and bad, with the company. You can also research a company with the Better Business Bureau to see their ratings. Once you choose who you are going to hire, be sure to get everything in writing. Everything from bids to estimates to payment receipts needs to be clearly stated on paper.

Avoid any company or contractor with an aggressive sales pitch. If something seems fishy or too good to be true, it probably is!

Call Strittmatters After A Storm

If your HVAC unit has been damaged by storms or struck by lightning, call Strittmatters! We will send an expert technician to your home to assess the damage and get you back up and running in no time. Save our number for when it matters most! (940) 566-1122.

Stay safe during storm season!