It’s that time of year when storms start rolling through North Texas. While we can’t predict what the weather will do, we can work to prepare our homes to be as safe as possible. With the following tips from the Strittmatter team, you can be assured that you’re doing everything you can to protect your family and home from severe storms.

Prepare a safety plan

Planning and awareness are some of your best tools during severe weather season. When storms are in the forecast, keep an eye on the weather to know what’s coming your way. If you use a weather app on your phone, make sure to turn on notifications so you get the latest info as soon as possible. Awareness is key when it comes to severe weather.

Identify a safe space in your home, like a storm shelter or interior room, where your family can take shelter in the event of a storm. It’s always a good idea to have a safety kit ready with all the necessities.

  • Flashlight
  • Radio with extra batteries
  • Tennis shoes or work boots
  • Fully charged cell phone
  • Car keys
  • Your ID
  • Bottled water
  • Your prescription medicine
  • Basic first aid kit

Besides picking out a safe space inside your home, identify a place outside of your home (like a mailbox or street corner) in case you need to evacuate.

Preparing Your Home for Spring Storms

Protect your HVAC unit

If you have enough warning before a storm blows in, it’s a good idea to protect your HVAC unit. Hail and debris are the biggest contributors to HVAC damage during a storm. Hail and other debris can dent the metal fins covering the unit and cause air flow to become restricted. You might not notice this immediately, but your unit will! To protect the unit, turn off the AC or heat and cover the outdoor unit with a thick tarp or canvas cover. Keep the air conditioning or heat off until the storm passes and you uncover the unit.

Preparing Your Home for Spring Storms

Know the status of your roof

Your roof might be the first thing on your mind after a tornado or hail storm. But roof care before and after a storm can help protect your home.

Before storm season, get your roof inspected to check for missing shingles or other weak spots. Compromised areas on your roof could allow moisture to seep through and start molding- making for an even worse situation to handle.

Also, keep an eye out for tree branches within reach of your roof. High winds in severe weather cause these branches to whip against your roof, damaging it in the process. It’s a smart idea to keep tree branches above and around your roof cut back.  

After a storm, remember to call the Strittmatter SuperTechs for a FREE roof inspection. Our SuperTechs will assess the damage done by severe weather and recommend the best action plan for you.

Preparing Your Home for Spring Storms

With a little planning, you can take big steps to protect your family and home this season. And remember to call Strittmatters after a storm! Our SuperTechs will inspect your roof and air conditioning unit for damage and to ensure everything is still in proper working order. Give us a call at 940-566-1122 for all of the details.

Do you have any safety or home tips you didn’t see here? Let us know over on our Facebook page. Stay safe this season, everyone!