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The Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC Team

Our Strittmatter heating, air conditioning, and plumbing Super Techs possess countless years of experience in their trade and are constantly expanding their knowledge through continuous professional development. Our team is family-owned and oriented, down to Earth, and eager to ensure our customers throughout Denton and Collin County have a safe, functional home when it comes to their heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. All of our AC technicians are certified through the state of Texas, which includes a background check, and possess years of field experience. Our plumbing technicians possess various levels of expertise ranging from apprentice to master plumber. Each has been background checked and must complete a specified number of hours in their trade, along with testing through the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners in order to progress. Apprentice plumbers must obtain 4,000 hours (around 2 years) of on the job experience to advance to tradesman. To advance from tradesman to journeyman, they must reach 8,000 hours of on the job training and experience (around 4 years). Finally, to test for a master plumber license, technicians must have completed an additional 8,000 hours as a journeyman for a total of 16,000 hours at minimum on the job. To say our team is highly trained is an understatement, and it’s something we are most proud of!



    Joe Owner/Operations Manager

      Tawnya Owner/Business Manager

        Abe Owner/Master Plumber

          Jared S Warehouse/Parts Manger

            Jack Production Manager

              Casey Marketing Manager

                Johnny HVAC Install Manager

                  Cody Plumbing Manager

                    Jolinda CSR/Dispatcher

                      Katlynn CSR

                        Lisa CSR


                          James HVAC Service Supervisor

                            Rocky HVAC Service Supervisor

                              Andy HVAC Service Supervisor

                                Dan HVAC Lead Installer

                                  Hernan HVAC Lead Installer

                                    Victor HVAC Lead Installer

                                      Cory HVAC LEAD INSTALLER

                                        Brandon HVAC Tune-Up/Service Tech

                                          Felix HVAC Technician

                                            Hector HVAC Technician

                                              Hunter HVAC Technician

                                                Ivan HVAC Tune-Up Technician

                                                  Jace HVAC Tune-Up Technician

                                                    Andrew D. HVAC Installer

                                                      Daniel C. HVAC Installer

                                                        Eduardo HVAC Installer

                                                          Gilbert HVAC Installer

                                                            Jared HVAC Installer

                                                              Tyrece HVAC Lead Installer

                                                              MEET OUR PLUMBING SUPER TECHS TEAM

                                                                Adam Journeyman Plumber

                                                                  Angel Apprentice Plumber

                                                                    Chase B. Journeyman Plumber

                                                                      Dylan Plumbing Installer

                                                                        Brent Tradesman Plumber

                                                                          Chris Journeyman Plumber

                                                                            J.J. Tradesman Plumber

                                                                              Dustin K. Tradesman Plumber

                                                                                Toby Journeyman Plumber

                                                                                  Jay Apprentice Plumber

                                                                                    Dustin C. Apprentice Plumber

                                                                                      Kristopher Apprentice Plumber

                                                                                        Chance Apprentice Plumber

                                                                                          Nathan Apprentice Plumber

                                                                                            Jordan Apprentice Plumber

                                                                                              Parker Apprentice Plumber

                                                                                                Dillon Licensed Plumber

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