Fast & Accurate Leak Detection For Homes in the Denton, TX Area

Leaks aren’t the easiest thing for a homeowner to deal with. For one, they’re sneaky. It’s hard to pinpoint their location once water really starts spreading. For another, many plumbing companies try to take advantage of leaks and want to replace large parts of your plumbing for a larger profit.

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Common Leaks – Do I Have a Leak?

If you suspect you have a leak, it’s always best to get it checked out. Leaving a leak alone can cause irreversible damage to your floors, ceilings and walls and create nasty mold problems.

Here are areas that commonly have leaks:

  • Slab – Your water line underneath the slab your home is on top of can spring leaks. A high water bill or warping/damp floors can indicate this.

  • Service Line – This is another outside leak. A high water bill and swampy parts of your yard are good indications of this.

  • Add-On Plumbing Systems – Devices like sump pumps can clog up and cause leaks. Other add-ons installed by inexperienced plumbers can be unreliable.

  • Toilet – This is usually an easy fix, but it can have several causes.

If there is water where there shouldn’t be, call Strittmatter for reliable leak detection!

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