You don’t have to check the weather forecast to know that North Texas is in for some hot summer days! At Strittmatters, we pride ourselves on keeping you and your family cool and comfortable. But we know that your pets are a part of your family too! So we wanted to share a list of quick tips for keeping your four-legged friends cool all summer long.

Don’t leave pets outside during a heat wave

Having some fun in the backyard is a summer staple. But be mindful about how long your pet is outside with you. While you might be comfortable in the shade or in the pool, be sure to give your dogs or cats a break in the air conditioned house.  

How To Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Check the pavement before walks

Have you ever run across a sidewalk barefoot in the summer? It can be scorching! And it can burn your dog’s paws too. Take your dog for walks in the morning or the evening when it’s not as hot outside. Letting them walk on the grass can also help protect their tender paws. If it’s going to be a long walk, be sure to keep a small bowl and a bottle of water on hand for water breaks.

Never leave pets in a car for any amount of time

Maybe it’s not super hot outside yet. Or maybe you think it will just be a minute and you’ll leave the windows cracked. But there are no excuses! Never leave a pet in a hot car for any amount of time. Even on mild days, the inside of a car can become dangerously hot within minutes. Try to avoid situations where you might have to be inside somewhere without your pet. Bring a friend to stay in the running car or take Fido home before running errands.  

Keep pets hydrated

Keep your dogs and cats hydrated this summer by making sure they always have access to water. If you leave the water bowl outside, be sure that it is in the shade so your pet doesn’t burn their tounge on hot water. Adding in a few ice cubes can be another way to give you pet an opportunity to cool down. When planning outdoor events, like a day at the dog park or a backyard get together, be sure to always have extra water handy for everyone!


Think before shaving

It might seem like your dog might be hot in that big fur coat he’s got on! But shaving your pet is not always a good idea. If your dog likes to swim or has long hair that sheds or gets matted, then it might be time for a haircut. But sometimes a thick coat can help regulate pet’s body temperature and protect them from mosquito bites and fleas. If you’re thinking about breaking out the trimmer, call your vet first and get their advice.

Know the signs of heat exhaustion

Be on the lookout for signs of heat exhaustion in your furry friend. Unlike humans, pets don’t have the ability to sweat to regulate their body temperature. In fact, dogs only have sweat glands on their paw pads! According to the ASPCA, signs of heat exhaustion can include excessive panting or labored breathing, increased heart rate, and weakness. If you suspect your pet has heat exhaustion, call your vet or an animal hospital right away.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Now that you know what to look out for, get out there and have some summer fun with your family and pets! We’d love to see pictures of your furry friends keeping cool on our Facebook page, so leave us a comment!

Stay cool everyone!