Are your showers turning into baths? Or does that sink take forever to drain? It sounds like you’ve got a clog! Clogs are fairly common. Read on to find out more about what you can do when you get all backed up.  

Keep Your Drains Clear

What causes a clog?

Almost every household ends up with a clog on occasion. So what causes a clog? Most clogs (especially in the bathroom) are caused by skin flakes and loose hairs that tangle up in the drain. Contributing factors in the kitchen can be food, grease, or oil that collect over time in the pipes.


Clogged drains

Notice slow draining (or none at all) water in one of your drains? Sounds like you’ve got a clog. You can try to tackle a minor clog on your own. But be careful! Expert plumbers know the correct tools and techniques to use to take care of the clog and your home’s plumbing. If you find yourself backed up with a clog, be sure to call the expert at Strittmatters.

If you are going to try to fix a minor clog on your own, you can try one of these tips.

  • Baking soda and vinegar. Did you ever make a science experiment of this when you were little? You’ll remember that mixing baking soda and vinegar results in a foamy, bubbly explosion! Add a cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar to your drain, cover with something to keep it closed, and wait. After 30 minutes or so, rinse the mix down the drain with boiling water. The concoction should have your drain flowing a little easier.
  • Harsh chemicals? No way! Harsh chemicals may dissolve a clog, but it also eats away at the inside of your pipes too! This can cause the beginning of cracks and weak spots which can cause the pipes to burst. Instead of chemicals, reach for some dish soap to lubricate the clog and grab a plunger made with a standard cup end and start plunging.
  • Using a snake. If you feel like making a trip to the hardware store, you can purchase a drain snake that can be used to break up a clog. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the label for the best results.

Still clogged? Or unsure of what to do? Just give us a call. Our expert technicians will take care of you and your family (and your plumbing!) and have things back in working order in no time.

Keep Your Drains Clear