Sneezing. Coughing. Sniffling. Does this sound familiar? This time of year can be rough on everyone’s immune system. We do our best to stay healthy by taking vitamins, washing our hands, and avoiding those who are sick. But could the cause of your symptoms be coming right from your own home? Indoor air quality can take a toll on your health, especially in the cooler months when people tend to stay indoors more. Read on to find out ways your home could be making you and your family sick.

Carbon Monoxide

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very serious and needs to be prevented at all costs. The gas can be produced from furnaces, fireplaces, and stoves. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can range from headache, dizziness, vomiting, chest pains, and confusion. These symptoms can be mistaken for other illnesses, so it’s important to have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. Installing this device can save a life. In addition to installing a carbon monoxide detector, having your heating system inspected by a professional every year can stop a problem before it even starts.


Warm, damp, and humid conditions are mold’s best friend! Mold thrives in these environments. Spores from growing mold can spread throughout your home and cause you to feel sick. If you are sensitive to mold you might notice a stuffy nose, itchy eyes or trouble breathing. Prevent mold from growing in your home by stopping those damp environments, like a bathroom or basement, in their tracks. Regulating the humidity in your home with the air conditioner or a dehumidifier can also help. If you do find mold in your home, use these cleaning tips to remove the problem.

Household cleaners

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Cleaning products are supposed to keep you healthy, not make you sick. But chemicals and fumes from household cleaners can evaporate into the air and build up in your home. Even chemicals that are added to cleaners to give them a fresh, clean smell can contain harmful irritants. Read the labels in your cleaning products thoroughly before using them. When possible, opt for natural cleaners like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, water, and baking soda instead.

Dirty air filters

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Air produced by your HVAC system will cycle through the air filter. Over time, airborne pollutants become trapped in the filter. If the filter is not changed regularly, the HVAC system can end up circulating these pollutants throughout your home. Not only can this make you and your family sick, it also drives up your energy cost since the system has to work harder to move air through the clogged filter. Staying on top of air filter changes is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your indoor air quality. Make a reminder to change the filter every month.

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Stay healthy, everyone!