How Your Air Conditioner Helps Your Health And Well Being

Over the last 100 years or so, few inventions have impacted Texans more than home air conditioning units. These vital home systems are a critical component of beating the sweltering north Texas heat. Beyond comfort, you might be surprised to learn that your home’s air conditioning system plays a large role in your family’s health as well.   Despite home HVAC units being isolated to a utility closet or window unit, these modern marvels touch every aspect of your home. Their ability to circulate air throughout the home can be a godsend when working properly, or a nightmare when they malfunction in the dog days of summer.   While there are a number of do-it-yourself measures that homeowners can take to promote a healthy air conditioning system, more challenging issues should be left to the professionals. If you run into an AC cooling system emergency, turn to the team that metroplex homeowners trust.

5 Ways Your HVAC Creates a Healthy

Many homeowners look at their AC cooling systems as a creature comfort. Beyond keeping you cool when the temperature soars, these systems can impact long-term health for you and your family. Here are 5 ways that your HVAC can have a bigger impact than you might expect.

1. Keeping Humidity in Check

Let’s face it, summer temps bring humidity and, when the air in your home turns to hot soup, it can trigger more than your anger. Humidity inside your home can result in heavy air that is difficult to breathe. Family members that suffer from asthma are particularly vulnerable when humidity levels in your home rise above 50%.   Your air conditioning system helps reduce the moisture in the air through its evaporator coil. As the moist air moves through the coil, it condenses and is moved outside the home through a drainage system. This keeps humidity in check and the air breathable.

2. Filtering Irritants

Have you ever wondered why every article that you read regarding your AC cooling system states that a clean air filter is one of the best ways to promote a healthy system and home? This is because the air from all of through home, including the air filled with microscopic irritants like mold and mildew, is all captured by your AC.   The next time you are at the hardware store, stop and take a look at the different filters available. Most homeowners choose their filter based on price. While this approach might work, it is important to match your filter to your home’s needs. We will cover this topic in greater detail later in the article. If you are unsure of where to start, consult with your local HVAC technician.

3. More Restful Sleep

The fact that your AC cooling system impacts your family’s ability to sleep sounds like a no-brainer. Few people will claim that they prefer to sleep in a house that has an ambient temperature similar to the sun. In addition to creating a cool and comfortable home, the white noise of your air conditioner can help to drown out Dallas night.   White noise masks those pesky sounds that interrupt our sleep cycles. Air conditioning is generally a constant that our ears are familiar with, making it a great tool to help your family get the rest they need.

4. Remove Airborne Contaminants

Believe it or not, even homes that are kept in pristine condition are constantly fighting against airborne contaminants. Allergens like pollen, dust, and pet dander, can wreak havoc on your family’s health. When your air conditioning system is working properly, these pesky infiltrators are removed from the air with assassin-like precision.   The air in your home enters your system through an intake duct, which then passes through your air filter. That is right: another instance where your air filter is playing a bigger role than you might have realized. Keeping these ducts clear of debris will help the system do its job more efficiently.

5. Eliminate Harmful Fumes

Health-conscious homeowners might be shocked at the level of fumes that are constantly circulating throughout the home. Most frequently this is a result of the industrial-strength cleaners used in other areas of our homes. While most of these fumes are not fatal, they can cause long-term health issues when in higher concentrations. Carcinogens from cleaners or cigarette smoke are filtered through the system and removed from the air. Homeowners who notice fumes in one more isolated room should consult with a professional HVAC contractor.

DIY Steps to Promote a Healthy HVAC System

Like other major home systems, DIY steps can be taken by homeowners to help increase the longevity of the AC cooling system. That being said, larger issues should only be addressed by a trained professional, as your HVAC is tied to the electrical system, bringing a host of risks, some of which can be fatal.

Change Your Filter Regularly

After mentioning it a number of times throughout this article, you are probably not surprised to see that our #1 recommendation is to regularly change your air filter. The most important thing when purchasing a new filter is to understand your home’s needs. Going with the cheapest option should not be your first choice. Do you have pets? Are you in an area (like here in TX) that has higher humidity throughout the year? Do you have a family member that suffers from seasonal allergies or asthma? All of these questions and more will impact which filter you should purchase. High-quality filters should list the various irritants that they capture.    Once a filter has been selected, the next question is generally, “how often should I change my AC filter?” If you have ever Googled this question, you likely went down a rabbit hole and never found a definitive answer.    Manufacturers will place their recommendation on the packaging, generally every 60-90 days. But this timeline can be accelerated if you have pets or other region-specific issues. The best practice is to check the filter every 30 days and change it accordingly.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

When was the last time you scheduled maintenance for your AC cooling system? Most manufacturers require annual maintenance by a trained professional to maintain warranties. This helps ensure that your system is working properly, saving you time and money. Scheduling maintenance outside of peak seasons, such as the early spring here in Texas, will provide the ultimate flexibility, as technicians are less likely to be responding to emergency calls.   Outside of general maintenance, having your ductwork professionally cleaned every 2-3 years will help keep your home’s air clean and your system working at peak performance. 

Finding AC Cooling System Repair in Highland Village, TX

Seasoned homeowners know that AC cooling systems will require occasional maintenance and repair. Some of this can be prevented by keeping your system clean and clear of debris. But when the time comes, turn to a team of licensed professionals to get the job done right the first time.   North Texas homeowners have trusted the Strittmatter team for over 40 years. With offices located in Denton, Flower Mound and Highland Village, we are never more than a few minutes away to help with your home’s HVAC needs. Contact our team today, and schedule time with one of our award-winning technicians.
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