The Thanksgiving recipes are being selected, the Christmas lists are being written, and North Texas is getting ready for the holiday season. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be easy to forget to check your home for holiday safety. That’s where the Strittmatter team comes in! Here’s a handy checklist of things to do around the house to make sure everything is ready and safe for the holidays.

Holiday food vs. the garbage disposal

Turkey, ham, stuffing, casserole, and all the holiday favorites will be around this season! But after post-meal naps, be sure to dispose of scraps and leftovers properly. A garbage disposal is a powerful tool, but it’s not meant to handle everything. Certain items can damage the garbage disposal and lead to a breakdown. Avoid this potential problem altogether by placing food in the trash can instead of the sink. But if you find yourself needing to use the garbage disposal, remember to keep these items out:

  • coffee grounds
  • bones
  • potato peels
  • fruit scraps
  • most vegetable scraps
  • eggshells
  • cooked meat scraps
  • nuts
  • banana peels
  • grease
  • asparagus

Holiday Home Safety

Christmas lights safety

Nothing says “home for the holidays” like twinkling Christmas lights. If you’re ready to channel your inner Clark Griswold, remember these safety tips. One risk of lights is overheating, especially with older lights. Don’t string together more than three strands of lights and be careful not to overload power strips. Look for lights that don’t burn as hot, like LED lights, and inspect them to check for any frayed wires. And always remember to turn off the lights when leaving the house or going to bed. Taking a few extra minutes for a safety check can reduce your risk of a fire.

Holiday Home Safety

Seasonal trees and plants in your home

Once the Christmas trees go up, you know it’s officially the holiday season. If you’re putting up an artificial tree in your home, be sure to look for ones labeled “fire-resistant.” If you’re decorating a real tree, look for a tree with fresh, green needles that don’t break apart easily when you bend them. Despite the kind of tree you use, remember to keep it at least three feet away from fireplaces, portable heating units, candles, or any other open flame or heating source. Doing so will reduce your chances of a fire and increase the safety in your home.

If you have pets in your home, be wary of bringing in seasonal plants like mistletoe and poinsettia. These and other plants can be toxic to your furry friends! Take a look at this list to find out which plants can pose a threat to your family pets. After all, we want everyone in your home to be safe this holiday season!

Holiday Home Safety

Inspect your roof for more than Santa Claus

If you plan to be on your roof to hang lights or to decorate, it’s a good idea to get your roof inspected beforehand. The Strittmatters team offers free roof inspections to identify any issue or problems with your roof. Anything from wear and tear to reindeer hoof marks, our SuperTechs are on top of it!

Holiday Home Safety

Now you’re ready to kick off the holidays right! But if any heating, air, plumbing, or roofing problems threaten to derail your seasonal plans, call the Strittmatter SuperTechs! Our techs are expertly trained to handle any home problem you have. Give us a call at 940-566-1122.