North Texas has seen above-average temperatures this November. But that doesn’t mean the cooler weather isn’t coming. Your furnace will still get a hearty workout this season. The Strittmatters team wants to make sure your HVAC unit is working at peak capacity! Here are some quick reminders for taking care of your furnace during the next few months.

Schedule a tune-up

If you’ve been following the StrittMATTERS blog, then you know the importance of preventative maintenance! And it applies to your furnace as well. Our expert SuperTechs can inspect all aspects of your heating unit to make sure it is functioning as it should. A tune up can also catch small problems before it turns into a bigger issue. Don’t be caught off guard with a furnace breakdown. Take action to keep your family safe and warm all season.

Keep an eye on your thermostat

An important tip to use your furnace efficiently (and save money on your energy bill) is to keep an eye on your thermostat. It’s recommended to set your thermostat at 68 degrees to use energy efficiently. If that seems a little chilly, investing in a programmable thermostat can be beneficial! Programming your thermostat to heat your home to the appropriate temperature when you wake up or come home from work can reduce wear and tear on your furnace. No more cranking it up when you can’t stop shivering!

Furnace Usage Tips

Clear the area around the furnace and vents

In order for your furnace to work properly, it needs a little breathing room. Make sure not to block vents which can disrupt the airflow in your home. Unequal air distribution will leave cold pockets in the home and cause your furnace to use more energy. Also, take a look at where your furnace is located. Keep this area free from storage boxes or any other items to reduce your risk of a fire

Use ceiling fans to stay warmer

Ceiling fans are a great tool to keep warm air moving through your home. It might seem strange to use a fan in the winter. But if it’s going in the correct direction, it can actually keep warm air where you want it! Look for a small switch on your fan that will rotate the direction of the blades. When the fan spins clockwise at a low speed, it can actually force the warm air down without making it too windy inside.

Furnace Usage Tips

Call Strittmatters for any problems

Preventative maintenance and taking care of your furnace can go a long way, but problems can still arise. If you notice anything “off” with your heating unit, call the Strittmatter team! Our expert SuperTechs are professionally trained to locate the source of the problem and get everything back in working order. Denton County homeowners have trusted Strittmatters for more than 30 years. Let our family take care of your family!

Our SuperTechs are only a call away for any HVAC, plumbing, or roofing problems. Reach us at 940-566-1122.

Stay warm and safe this season!

Furnace Usage Tips