EASE Maintenance™ PROGRAM

Ease Maintenance™ Program

Why should i invest?

It’s true that heating and cooling systems can run on their own for a long time with little service, therefore, many people see maintenance agreements as an unnecessary expense. The truth is, a maintenance agreement is one of the most profitable long-term investments you can make when it comes to ensuring your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems are properly maintained. Strittmatter is proud to offer various service agreements to fit your budget to extend the life of your HVAC and plumbing equipment.

Low monthly payments

No need to pay for your membership up front with monthly payments that cover your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems for your whole home.

Proper maintenance

Per manufacturer guidelines, our highly trained, certified technicians will perform the required maintenance every six months. Regular maintenance ensures your equipment is operating safely, and keeps your warranty current.

convenient for you

We are there when you need us – 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm.

Scheduling Made easy

For your convenience, we will contact you either by email, text, or phone when it’s time to schedule your next maintenance visit.

Priority Service

As an EASE Maintenance™ Program member, you’ll be serviced first, ahead of non-members, in the unlikely event you experience a breakdown.


In the unlikely event you do experience a breakdown, as an EASE Maintenance™ Program member, you will receive a $50 discount on our diagnostic trip charge and discounts off any required repairs or replacements.

Proof And Documentation

In case you sell your home, you will have proof that your heating and cooling equipment has been properly maintained and is in good working condition.

Save money

Properly maintained equipment runs more efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills. It also extends the life of your equipment and reduces the likelihood of costly breakdowns.

EASE Maintenance™ plans

EASE Maintenance™+
*Free Part Tune-up*

EASE Maintenance™

EASE Discount Plan

Per Month 

(Whole Home coverage)




Priority Service

Guaranteed Service Within 24 Hours

Priority Service

Service Ahead of Non-Members

15% Service Repair Discounts

(A/C, Heating & Plumbing)

Does not apply to heating & cooling equipment replacement or major plumbing repairs such as sewer lines, water lines, and water heaters.

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5% Replacement Discount 

See website for details.

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$50 off All Diagnostic Charges 

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Never Pay Twice for the Same Repair

See below for details.

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Air Conditioning and Heating Tune-Ups

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Annual Plumbing Safety Inspection

Excludes crawl space. 

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Free Ac & Heating Filters for Life

On standard sized filters.

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Free Parts Replaced During Tune-Ups

1 repair per trip if it is determined the part has failed. Includes: contactor, capacitor, 1lb. Freon, Standard-Sized Flapper, Standard-Sized Fill Valve, Or 1 Steel Braided Supply Line.

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OUR maintenance services include






Upon cancellation, a total of six (6) payments must have been collected for every maintenance performed. Any balance due must be paid in full in order to cancel. Cancellation must be in written form, either by mail or email. Refunds will not be given on unused portions.

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