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Some clogs just won’t budge after multiple attempts with drain cleaners or plungers. As you’re probably well aware, this can rapidly start as a small problem and change into something very inconveniencing in your Denton, TX home.

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It’s normal to be unsure if you are having a drain or sewer problem that needs professional plumber assistance. Sometimes you want to play it safe and wait awhile to see if it resolves itself.

Below are a few strong signs that you should call in a plumber.

  • Odd Connection Between Drains – A good example of this is when you flush your toilet and water comes up from your shower. Your drains really are all connected, but you will only notice this phenomenon when you have a sewer clog.

  • Gurgling Noises – No, no, there isn’t an alien in your toilet. It’s another indication of a sewer clog.

  • Stubborn Clog – It doesn’t have to be all the way down near the sewer to cause a problem. And drain cleaners can often be ineffective, depending on what the clog is made of. (They work best with grease). Sometimes they can even damage your pipes, especially when you mix them.

A good rule of thumb is to call a plumber when you are uncomfortable with dealing with any drain or sewer cleaning process, all the way from plunging to drain snakes to opening up a pipe.

Plumbers at Strittmatter know the fastest, easiest route to clearing your sewer and drains.


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