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Preventative Maintenance

4 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home For Spring

It’s springtime in Texas! Time for warm weather, longer days, and stormy weather. North Texas has seen its share of damaging storms in the spring. That’s why it’s important to protect your home and get it ready for the threat of severe weather. We’ve listed a few things you can do around the house so [...]

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance is Important

Have you ever considered preventative maintenance on your HVAC system? It might just seem like another added expense or something that you don’t really need to worry about. But the truth is, regular HVAC maintenance is crucial! Running your system year round is like putting 100,000 miles on a car. You wouldn’t go that far [...]

Indoor Air Quality: Fact or Myth

Do you know what indoor air quality means? There can be several misconceptions, so Strittmatters is here to clear the air and separate fact from fiction. Myth: I don’t need to worry about indoor air quality. Fact: Some people might not stop and think about the air quality inside their home. Especially if everything seems [...]

Fall Tune Up

With cooler temperatures heading this way, it’s time to start thinking about your furnace and heating system. It’s tempting to brush it off and only worry about your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems is when it stops working, but we don’t want anyone to be left out in the cold this winter.

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