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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Bathroom

Get ready to supercharge your bathroom! What’s supercharging your bathroom? It’s making sure you’ve got the right tools and the right knowledge to know you aren’t wasting time and money on any plumbing maintenance or issues. Our SuperTechs have rounded up our top tips to share with you! So let’s dive into this list: Know [...]

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Plumbing New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Did you know that research shows that only 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions? Make 2017 your best year ever by creating achievable goals that you can measure throughout the year. At Strittmatters, we want to give you the resources to keep your plumbing in excellent shape. Take a look at these plumbing [...]

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5 Signs You Need a New Toilet

Did you know that the average person will spend about 92 days of their life on the toilet? That’s a lot of usage over time! So how do you know when it’s time to replace your toilet instead of repairing it? This blog breaks down some of the biggest signs you might notice if it’s [...]

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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Does your summer energy bill have you thinking about ways you can cut back on your other utility bills? You can make several changes around the house to save money on your monthly water bill. We’ve rounded up a few suggestions that can save you money and energy. Take a look for all the details! [...]

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Are You Wasting Too Much Water?

The summer season is almost here! That means it’s time for swimming, extra lawn care, and a potentially rising water bill. You might see your water bill increase during the summer months, but how do you know if you’re wasting too much water? We’ve got the tips you need to know to keep your water [...]

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4 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home For Spring

It’s springtime in Texas! Time for warm weather, longer days, and stormy weather. North Texas has seen its share of damaging storms in the spring. That’s why it’s important to protect your home and get it ready for the threat of severe weather. We’ve listed a few things you can do around the house so [...]