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Strittmatter is one of the best places I have ever had the pleasure and honor of working. Not only is the staff like a huge family, but the owners are so down to Earth and would give the shirts off their back to help someone in need. Our company gives back to the community on a monthly basis and it is so reassuring to work with such wonderful folks. We are treated fair and just like family and I couldn’t love my job more.
Casey S.
I love working for Strittmatter. I am supported by the staff, challenged to grow, and am regularly given opportunities for training each week. I get to witness the care they have for their customers from behind the scenes. I am blessed to work here.
Felix T.
Strittmatter is such a wonderful place to work. I feel like the culture is the best of anywhere I have ever worked. You get exactly what you put into your job in return from the owners and coworkers. I get to do what I love and get paid well for it, all while still getting to have a life of my own outside of work with my family. I love it here and couldn’t be more pleased.
Johannes J.


Thank you for your interest in becoming an employee at Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC. Please fill out the following inquiry form or visit Indeed.com and search Strittmatter for open positions. If you seem like you could be a good fit for our company, we will give you a call to schedule an interview. All of the information that you submit will be confidential. We will not call past or present employers without your permission.

Here at Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating and AC we expect our employees to be drug-free. In accordance with those employee guidelines we will conduct a background check and ask you to take any drug tests if necessary. 

We value our fellow community members and the trust that they put in our knowledge. As a family-owned business with over 40 years of operation, we hold our employees to high standards. 

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