air conditioner warning signs

Nothing feels better than walking into an air conditioned home during the heat of summer. The Strittmatter team wants to make sure that you never have to come home to a *gasp* broken air conditioner! So we’ve rounded up a few warning signs that it might be time to get your unit checked out.

High Energy Bill

It’s normal to see a bump in your energy bill over the summer, but a sharp spike can indicate a problem. Keep an eye on how much energy you are using and how high your bill climbs. If something seems abnormal, call the experts at Strittmatters to check out your air conditioning unit. An improperly functioning unit can use more energy and cause surprise bills.

shocked Woman on getting high energy bills

Unit Isn’t Blowing Cool Air

You feel the air coming out of the vents, but it doesn’t seem very cool. Is it your imagination? Or are you in need of an AC repair? If the temperature is rising even though the AC is blasting, it could mean a problem with your unit’s compressor. Call an expert to identify the source of the problem and determine if it’s something that can be fixed or if you will need a system replacement.

Unit Has Poor Airflow

Keep an eye out for rooms that seem unusually warm while others seem cool. Problems with the air ducts or debris can cause your unit not to blow cool air evenly throughout your home. When this happens, you know it’s time to call the SuperTechs.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes the issue isn’t coming from your air conditioning unit, but instead from your thermostat! Some warning signs of thermostat problems can include uneven cooling in your home, a unit that won’t turn on when you adjust the thermostat, or a thermostat screen/buttons that are unresponsive. Your thermostat might have a reset switch, but if that doesn’t resolve the problem, our experts can get everything back up and running!

Strange Sounds or Smells

Banging, popping, grating, or squealing? Sounds like trouble. Your unit should not be making any unusual noises when running. The same goes for strange odors coming from your system or vents. If you notice something new that doesn’t seem right, just call our SuperTechs. They can get the problem diagnosed in no time.

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If you notice any of these signs or notice that something doesn’t seem right with your air conditioner, call our SuperTechs! Our experts are professionally trained to provide you and your family the best service. Give us a call at 940-246-2075 to chat with our friendly staff about any questions you have!

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