Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are everywhere. But just what makes them so popular? Smart thermostats offer tons of benefits that can do everything from keeping your family comfortable to wifi controls to saving you money. We’ve picked out just some of our favorite things that smart thermostats can do.

Advanced programing

Most thermostats have very basic controls. On and off, cooling or heating, etc. But smart thermostats take these options to the next level. With smart thermostats, you can program your cooling system to kick in just in time to cool the house down when the kids get home from school. Or you can set it to warm up the house just before everyone wakes up on those cold winter mornings. Smart thermostats start learning your preferences and will make small adjustments, like adjusting for humidity, to keep you comfortable.

Remote control

One of our favorite things about smart thermostats is that you can control them without even having to get up! Smart thermostats can be controlled right from your phone via an app. You can adjust the temperature right from bed or anywhere in your home.

Safety alerts

Some smart thermostats come with special features like Nest’s Safety Temperature. With this feature, you will get a notification if the temperature in your home goes beyond a certain limit. Since you can control the temperature settings from your phone, these notifications will allow you to make changes. It definitely comes in handy when it gets so cold that your pipes might freeze or so warm that it becomes dangerous for family pets.

Furnace Heads Up

Furnace Heads Up is another Nest benefit that keeps you in control of your HVAC system. This function is designed to alert you at the first sign of trouble with your furnace. Usually, you only realize you have a problem when your furnace completely breaks down or runs up a huge utility bill. This way, you can call Strittmatters the moment something starts to go wrong! Our professional technicians will get you back up and running in no time.

Save money

One of the best things about a smart thermostat is that it can save you money on your monthly utility bill. Some energy companies offer rebates for customers using a smart thermostat. And not only that, but the way smart thermostats make small changes as the weather adjusts can add up to more savings for you!

If you’re thinking about adding a smart thermostat to your home, then now’s the perfect time! Right now, we are offering a free furnace and free Nest smart thermostat as gifts when you purchase a new A/C system from us.

If you’d like more information about this offer or if you have any other questions about smart thermostats, just give us a call at (972) 362-4135. We’d be happy to talk with you about what will work best in your home.

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