The gifts have been unwrapped, the guests have gone home, and the busiest time of year starts to wind down. But is something still lingering in the air? A strange smell in your home can be off-putting and frustrating when you can’t find the source. The Strittmatter team has a few tips on how to rid your home of unwanted odors and leave everything smelling fresh and clean.

Take care of the source

Instead of masking odors, fight them at the source. Start by taking out any trash, washing any laundry, throwing out any ashtrays, and cleaning any litter boxes to attack the source of most odors. Once that is taken care of, you should notice a dramatic reduction in foul odors. But if something still smells off, there are additional steps you can take.

Banish Those Home Odors

Use the power of vinegar

Vinegar is a great way to fight odors without harsh chemicals. All you need to do is mix one part water to one part vinegar. You can put it in a dish or a spray bottle and get to cleaning. Use a rag or brush to scrub away dirt and debris while also destroying lingering odors coming from your surfaces. For maximum odor removal, you can fill a dish with vinegar and leave it out overnight. The vinegar will absorb foul odors in the room and leave it smelling fresh in the morning!

Banish Those Home Odors

Deep clean your home

For stubborn stenches, roll up your sleeves and tackle a deep clean on your home. Two main areas to hit are the floors and the walls. Carpets can hold on to odors making your home smell less than fresh. But all you need to handle this is baking soda and a vacuum. Take the baking soda and sprinkle it evenly over your carpet. You should be able to see a fine layer of white powder over everything by the time you are done. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then vacuum thoroughly. The baking soda should bring up any dirt and odors hiding in the carpet.

Next step is the walls. Pet smells, cooking smells, cigarette smoke, and more can embed itself into the walls, making it hard to remove. To tackle this problem, you’ll need more- you guessed it- vinegar! Take your half water half vinegar mix and a rag and start scrubbing those walls. Keep a clean rag nearby to wipe everything down when finished to prevent any dripping. It can be quite an undertaking to clean all of the walls in your home, but it’s worth it to banish tough odors.  

Banish Those Home Odors

Freshen up for the future

Once you have your home smelling fresh again, plan to keep it that way for the future! One way to do so is using essential oils. Grab your favorite essential oil (or mix of oils) and put 10-15 drops on a cotton ball. Stash the cotton ball somewhere out of reach and enjoy a fresh, pleasant scent whenever you walk into the room.

Another way to spread pleasant smells throughout your home with essential oils is with your air filter. Next time you change your air filter, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil evenly over the filter and pop it into place. As the air circulates, it will carry the scent throughout your home. Just be sure the filter is clean! This method won’t be effective using a dirty filter.  

Banish Those Home Odors

A strange odor isn’t the only thing that can go wrong in your home. If you find yourself with any plumbing, HVAC, or roofing problems, call the Strittmatter SuperTechs! Our experts are ready to tackle your home issues and give you peace of mind! Call us today at 940-566-1122.